Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Thanks Columbus

Yesterday we had a day off which extended our weekend all thanks to Columbus. I am not complaining one bit even though I was off work a lot of last week (thanks sickness) it still felt great to have monday off. 
Dave and I went to the halloween store around the corner and had fun! I needed a pink tutu for Race for th Cure and we looked for costumes for him and Logan. 
He got a jason mask with a knife (to include the blood) and Logan got a really cool ninja costume. I really hope Logan likes his costume and gets to wear it more than once. The church is having a little halloween thing for the kids on the 29th that Dave hopes to take the kids to. 
We went to Walmart then hung out the rest of the day.  Oh and we started the Walking Dead which was quite interesting! 4 seasons on Netflix so we will be busy at night for a few weeks at least! :)

Today was quite a busy workday so I got a good workout in after. I needed it and feel amazing!! Now time to figure out whats for dinner...decisions decisions! 

Love a really random post haha 

<3 Sara

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