Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Game ON

Sunday our church started a new series titled Game ON and they decided to incorporate football season and do a big tailgating competition. It was also game day for Daves team, The Eagles, So we wore our Eagles gear.

 Selfies before church!

 We got there a few minutes early and checked out Dad and Mr. Rickys set up, lots of Clemson Orange going on over there.
 We attended the service then while Dave served security me and the kids enjoyed the party outside.

 We also got to tour the new building, it was really cool and HUGE!


 We were all wiped OUT by 2 when the fun was over! We were all hot and sweaty and super dirty. First thing we all did when we got home, BATHS! Alayna and I went to Target and to take Henry home while the boys watched football and played video games.
When we were out I started to feel bad but figured it had been quite awhile since I had eaten anything so that was probably it. Little did I know a 24 hour stomach bug was about to enter my world. UGH! I was home sick yesterday from work so I caught up on a lot of TV I have recorded and put together some Advocare sample baggies for my sister to give out at work.
Tonight we are going to visit with my parents for a little bit and eat some of that yummy BBQ! Luckily the week is looking up after yesterdays fun! OH and I did get a bonus and a salary increase today so yeah it's definitely looking up!

Switch it up

Friday night we got the kids and after hanging out for a bit we all went to bed. I knew Saturday we were going to be busy but fun busy!
I had to get my eyebrows waxed Saturday morning so afterwards instead of going to the gym per our usual we decided to give walking the Ravanel Bridge a shot. I had NO clue how the kids would do so we just figured we would try and if it was a bust then so be it.

 They even inspired me to run a little bit, mainly to catch up haha BUT I still ran some!

 We made it to the top! I was super proud of the kids AND Dave because I did not know until this bridge excursion that my boy was scared of heights. We only got to the first span looked around then walked back down, it was HOT and their little legs couldn't handle too much more except to get to the car.
 After the bridge we still had to head to the AFB for grocery shopping and a hair cut for Logan. We also managed to get his Halloween costume. I was about to buy one for Alayna but she has 3 dress up costumes at the house and we will be utilizing those to save some cash! He is in LOVE with his costume he even tried to wear it to my parents house when we went down there later that day.
So my dad had to cook a bunch of bbq for the church for their tailgate party (more on that later) so Dave and I got there around 3:30 to help shred the meat which I had no clue how much work that was until I got there. Why on earth did I shower beforehand?? Now I know better!
We hung out with the fam, dad cooked us some dinner and we even got to see my cousin Scott who stopped by.

We got some play time with Oliver too. He is all over the place now but still cute as ever! It was definitely a nice afternoon with the fam!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Super Random Friday

This post is going to be super random pictures from the week because I am bored at work and this will occupy me for all of 5 minutes ;)
 hey I will take it. I haven't had much work today and my computer was having issues so yeah just over it, is it 2:55 yet? Yes that is what time I get to leave today!
 So let's begin the randomness. Tuesday after work after deciding Sunday is WAY too busy for a hair appointment and that I don't really need to spend $135 on my hair I stopped by Target and spent $7.99 on Hair dye! The next 30 minutes almost made me high (hello hair dye fumes) but the end result was completely brown hair which is my natural color. I do miss the blonde but this is easier/cheaper and perfect for fall.
After I did my hair I went to dinner with Ashley, Angela and Abigail (my Advocare girls) to Panera for dinner/team meeting. I would say it was more dinner than a meeting but we definitely did discuss our goals, tips etc for being successful with our business. I know I have said it before I am unsure where I want Advocare to take me financially but I know I will continue to use the products for myself because they are working and I truly love them.
Oh and holy crap my dinner was amazing! I got their bbq chicken salad which was heavenly then an acorn squash soup which was to die for. I definitely didn't eat all of it but it was So good.
Before bed I got this notification on my FB, holy crap basically that is the retail value of what my team (me and the ladies under me about 6 of them) combined got which was so exciting! I have 3 ladies on this journey with me as my team which is awesome!! We are all learning together.

 This is my workout products, Slam (pre-workout) and Rehydrate to drink during and after my workout, think Gatorade but MUCH healthier and tastier. I like the mango pineapple the best so far but I haven't tried all the flavors.
 After workout selfie.
So I get home Wednesday and Dave had to go drop his whites off at the AFB and he went to the Exchange and got me new shoes. He knew I was wanting some new shoes and he said this was also to show how proud of me he is with my weight loss journey. He is pretty great!

Yesterday I got to see this dude, his mommy and my dad when I went to get my sisters dog from JI. I enjoyed getting to spend a little bit of quality time with them waiting for traffic to die down. He is a man on the move that is for sure but a darn cute one!

Henry and I headed home around 6, we were on the porch and got to see this beautiful sunset!! There are a few months a year where we get amazing sunset views from our porch. I absolutely love it! There is nothing I love to see more as far as nature is concerned than a sunrise/sunset!
The boys sleeping together on the couch after playing! So far 1 night down 2 more to go and it's going well. You just never know how it will go dog sitting especially when you bring the dog to your house where they aren't familiar with their surroundings. No call to complain of barking either so hoping he has just been sleeping all day ;) The kids are going to be stoked to see him when they come over tonight.
Ok well I am going back to being bored before I bore you to death with ramblings which I may have already done! haha
Happy Friday everyone!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sullivans Island

The walkway to the beach, beautiful
 Sunday afternoon we were sitting around the house watching Football/meal prepping and it was absolutely beautiful outside so I decided we needed to enjoy the beautiful day so we got ready and drove to Sullivans Island to take a walk on the beach. Dave had never been to Sullivans Island and it had been awhile for me so that's why we chose it. Also, MAN it took so much longer to get to the beach. I remember when I lived with my parents a random trip to the beach was no big deal because it took 10 minutes to get there now? not so much!
 We saw 2 horseshoe crabs but seriously shells were non existent. Normally it's hard to find good ones but this time there were hardly any shells period.
 I loved the silhouette pictures for some reason, they just look really cool to me.  

 haha gotta love random outtakes while trying to put your hair up ;)

 So glad we did this spontaneous little trip to the beach it was the perfect way to end our weekend!