Friday, September 11, 2015

Fire Truck Museum

I feel like a slacker, it is Friday and I am just now posting the rest of our weekend with the kids. When you work payroll and you have a holiday things get CRAZY at work so that is probably why this is SO late plus I broke the posts up so it wasn't 1 insanely long post. Anywho back to our Sunday Funday!
 Of course being good boys and girls our Sunday started at church :) Logan was pretty excited about his Watermelon if you can't tell from this picture haha and this was right before Alayna spilt chocolate milk all down her leg. Oh the fun of having kiddos around!
After church we got some lunch at Wendys, I had wanted something "nicer" but Dave was not helping me decide so we just pulled into Wendys. I ordered some bbq chicken salad and it was shockingly really good. I was trying to eat healthy and literally this was the only thing that was healthy and sounded good.
After lunch we were heading to the Fire Truck Museum at the Tanger Outlets but they were not open yet so we had time to kill. Commence SHOPPING! I knew I wanted to go to Bath n Body works because hello pumpkin scents are out!!! I stocked up if you can't tell ;) I seriously love pumpkin and I will be sad about it when the Christmas scents come out but luckily I like some of those too. These few months are literally the only times I shop at Bath N body works. So right across from there is the Converse store so we went in. I love converse especially on kids and knew Logan was getting a pair for the colder months since his other shoes are getting a little small. Alayna lucked out because they had a cute little white pair for her on sale. For both pairs of shoes I spent $40!!! I was quite excited about this because I definitely thought it would end up costing more money.
It was finally 1pm so we headed back to the museum. Logan was so excited to see other people going in he even told them how awesome it was that we were all going.
 We got to the ticket counter and paid then the lady saw Daves military ID and we got refunded because military got in FREE which ended labor day so we definitely picked the perfect time to go! There are definitely perks to him being in the military, we get discounts at a lot of places!  
 We all got a picture in front of our favorite fire trucks, I think Alayna just picked the first one her eyes laid on because theres no way THIS was her favorite, there are seriously awesome trucks there. Mine and Logans are somewhere at the bottom of this post.

There is a small "playground" in the middle which the kids LOVED!!!!  Logan liked the pretend fire truck that went on a pretend call! It was pretty neat but I think sitting in the back would have been better I could NOT see sitting that close or maybe I am getting old and my eyesight is starting to go?

 We hung out at home the rest of the day, had dinner then we all watched Mulan before the kids went to bed. I thought it was funny Logan climbed up in the recliner with me and said he was going to cuddle with me. When I first met him he would hardly even talk to me and I will NEVER forget the time he ran up from behind me hugged me than RAN away. haha he likes me ;) Dave asked the kids if they want me to stay with them forever and they said yes so I guess Dave better start saving for a ring LOL
Monday was labor day we had an extra day added to our weekend, I never complain about that! I went to the gym first thing and Dave took the kids to the pool. Apparently the water is now cold again and there's your sign that summer is almost over. When I got back we had lunch then went to my sisters for a little bit (like 30 minutes) the baby needed a nap so we left and went to TCBY.

Alayna liked all of Olivers toys.
Can I just say I love froyo BUT I think I now have a favorite place and it's not TCBY. There is a place called sweet frog that has SO many flavors compared to the 6 TCBY had. Don't get me wrong I still loved this one too but yeah sweet frog is now our go to!
We came back and chilled the rest of the night until their mom picked them up. Oh and we did feed the ducks. They must have been hungry because they literally "ran" to get the bread aka waddled REALLY fast.

 This weekend will hopefully be kind of quite for us because the next weekend is going to have a LOT going on!!
Happy Friday everyone!! Enjoy your weekend!!

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