Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Is my title a little cheesy? haha Seriously though we had a REALLY good Saturday! Started off like every single Saturday breakfast and GYM :)
 Doesn't she look like she is ready for an aerobics class with that headband on? haha
 I promised Logan last Wednesday that this past weekend we would get him a new book bag. His was worn out and Alayna had a cool new one so I thought we would hook Logan up with a new one that he could pick out. He picked out this Captain America one at the exchange. He was pretty excited about it.
We had to get some groceries after that then headed home for lunch and for me to make some buffalo chicken dip to take to mom and dads later.
This is the recipe I used except I added in a little ranch dressing because my old recipe had it so I figured why not try it. Everyone tore it up so I would say this recipe can stay until I lose it and have to find a new one.

 We hung out at my parents house all night with the family. We had the buffalo chicken dip then mom went to get Papa Johns my favorite!

The kids all went outside to play and they were out there for a good hour at least. There was lots of laughs, screaming, a lot of sweaty stinky kids and even a little blood but that is what being a KID is all about. I definitely enjoyed getting to see them play and not be in front of a tv or ipad. While those are great and fun as well they need to be out playing!
There was some football on TV that Advocare was a sponsor of which was cool to see but we didn't stay too long for that part as we had 2 filthy kids that needed to get some baths. Note to self bring PJs to change into for situations like this haha
We definitely enjoyed our fun Saturday afternoon/night with the fam!!

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