Tuesday, September 1, 2015

On the water

This past Saturday morning we went out in the boat with mom, dad and my aunt Debbie. The plan was to go to the beach on Kiawah but the tides and the winds had other plans. After losing the anchor and a little bit of craziness it ended up just being a boat ride. I thoroughly enjoyed the ride though. I love being out in the boat. It was a gorgeous morning!

 Daddy and Aunt Debbie
 We got back to the Yacht Club and had a picnic lunch under the pavilion. The breeze felt amazing and really it was a beautiful day. I thought it was going to rain all weekend but Saturday we lucked out.   
 Teddy waiting for the guys to finish cleaning the boat.
 Mom gave me a ton of bread for the duckies, they were happy ducks!!
Sunday was blah and rainy most of the day and I was bad and skipped church. Ashley and I ended up going to the gym together which I really enjoyed. Another perk, there was hardly anyone in the gym compared to how it is after work.
 Used my Advocare bottle for the first time so of course I documented it because im a nerd. After the gym we went grocery shopping together then headed our separate ways. It was a really good morning!
After I unloaded the groceries I did some meal prep which included yummy egg cups. These ones I did 4 eggs, egg whites, spinach, onion, yellow pepper and some turkey sausage crumbles with a little bit of sharp cheddar on the top. Bake at 350 for 25 minutes, boom breakfast for the whole week.
Once Dave got home we hung out, attempted to go get him a hair cut (it was closed) then head to my parents house to hang out! We had a really yummy dinner then headed home just in time for him to start his fantasy football draft which took forEVER! Luckily though it is only a one time thing and the rest of the fantasy football stuff won't be very time consuming!
It was a pretty chill weekend for us! Next weekend the kids are back so lord only knows what we will end up doing. HOPEFULLY the weather will be nice! So much easier to have the kids when the weather is nice, more options for entertainment!
Meeting with a new neurologist today so not sure if I am looking forward to it or not but it' probably a good idea to get my back checked out since it's only been about 5 years! :)

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