Monday, August 24, 2015

Another weekend has come and gone

Oh man what a weekend, most of it was great but not every bit of it you will find out why in a little bit.
 Friday afternoon, I left work early, I was trying to make a phone call and my phone wasn't working so I went to Verizon for them to fix my phone and walked out with a new phone! I was pretty excited even though it was completely unexpected. When I got home Dave and I hung out for a little bit then we got the BEST thing in the mail. We got in our birthday cake flavored Muscle Pharm combat crunch bars, we are obsessed. We got to hang out for about an hour or so before he went to get the kids and I went to meet some people at Starbucks who were interested in Advocare. They signed up!
 So talking about Advocare, thing have gotten pretty crazy for me in a good way. I now have 3 distributors under me one of them being my best friend which makes me SO happy. Her and I are now on another journey together and can lean on each other, bounce ideas off each other and just get healthier TOGETHER! It's just awesome! We did a group cleanse and everyone had really good results, I think things are going to keep going in this amazing direction. I have been praying for direction and as soon as I start to doubt myself something amazing happens and I swear it's a God thing.
 Saturday morning we woke up and headed to the gym. The kids were THRILLED there were lots of kids in the play area. It got loud in there a few times haha

 It rained before we were going to leave to get Isabelle to come spend the night so we all went out on the porch to watch the rain. The kids got silly!

see! ;)

 We finally got to go get Isabelle and the kids got to jump on the trampoline before we left. Logan was thrilled he was hoping it wasn't raining there so he could jump.

 Saturday night our friends came over to hang out, watch football, eat pizza and talk Advocare. None of us were eating healthy that night haha Ashley started her cleanse on Sunday so I mean we HAD to eat something super yummy the night before, right??

 Dave was happy his Eagles won, this is their 2nd win for the pre-season games!
 While the boys watched football and the girls played aka made a MESS in their room haha Ashley and I watched a training video on the computer!

 After everyone left it didn't take long for the kids to be passed OUT!! Last time Isabelle spent the night it was like pulling teeth to get them to finally calm down and sleep. Luckily that was not the case. However, at 3am I woke up not even sure what woke me up but my door was cracked so I went to check on the kids and Alayna was crying her tummy hurt so let's just say the next 2 hours entailed very broken sleep.
 Isabelle and I were the first ones up Sunday morning so we laid on the couch and watched some show she picked out on Netflix. Alayna slept in pretty late so we definitely missed church. It was a good thing though because someone had a few accidents so it was good we were home.
 Dave and I decided to get rid of a ton of clothes and toys for Goodwill then he decided the kids didn't need their beds as bunk beds anymore so we spent the morning doing all that. fun fun!

 We took the kids to the pool and I went to walk on the treadmill, the guy was painting so my workout was not very long. Paint Fumes while trying to walk fast is just not a good combo. Something is better than nothing though!

We came back, had lunch, took Isabelle home and then headed to my parents to hang out. Sat outside most of the time because it was nice out there and just chatted. I did get to eat some yummy  peach cobbler and vanilla ice cream. You're probably thinking im a fatty right now pizza and cobbler in the same weekend but I am happy to report I am 134 this am which is only a tiny bit above what I was at the end of my cleanse last week.
Here's the kids room, we seriously need an extra bedroom so they don't have to share. Dave and I are seriously considering getting a 3 bedroom apartment, a house is definitely what we want but I think it will be another year at least before that happens.
I will miss these beautiful sunsets off the porch though when we move. It may be sooner rather than later.
Hope everyone had an awesome weekend!!

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