Friday, August 14, 2015

They're back!

Guess who I finally got to see since July 5th!! The kids are officially back from Jersey and back on schedule!
We had some chicken for dinner with brown rice and corn then they had some koolaid mickey ice pops as dessert!! I am so glad mom got these for them because they LOVE them!!

We took some silly pictures on the porch!

We took Teddy for a walk, she asked me to take her picture, then we played at the park!
Now we are watching Matilda one of my favorite movies from childhood. She really likes it! Almost bath time then bed! I'm happy to have them back and I know Dave is!! 

Also I'm  on day 5 of my 10 day cleanse and down 3.4lbs!!! Woop woop!!! I'll post details later!! Tomorrow will be hard though it's my aunts birthday party and there will be chocolate cake!!! Goals sara remember your goals!! 

Happy weekend everyone!!! 

<3 Sara

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