Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Tasting Party

 Ok So I am totally contradicting what I said in my last post but I SWEAR this is it for awhile lol I think! So last Thursday I went to a tasting party hosted by my new friend Angela and Abigail. Basically this was a fun way to get to try the products first to make sure you liked them before buying them. Some of the products are expensive even with a discount so it's nice to know beforehand whether you like it or not. Dave and my cousin Kimberly went with me which I loved. Dave supports me with whatever I do which I must say is really awesome!
 We got to try the different shake and spark flavors as well as some of the bars. I personally like the Quest and Muscle Pharm combat crunch bars so I will be sticking to those BUT the Advocare ones did taste good however I definitely like the ones I get from GNC much better and I believe they are cheaper for me too with my GNC card.
Abigail also gave me and Dave a scoop of the pre-workout to try before we buy it. He is trying it today but I still love the Slam before a workout. Yesterday it even took my headache away which was something I found out from Angela. She said the Slam and the Spark drink have been known to help people get rid of headaches, yes please!! I don't know why but in the last year I definitely get more headaches which sucks, honestly I think I need glasses but I don't have the proper insurance to get my eyes checked.

Both of the girls shared their stories and answered a bunch of our questions which was definitely nice. It helps to fully understand everything which I am not there yet but slowly learning. This is a lot to learn and you definitely don't want to give anyone the wrong information.  

I walked away thinking hmmm maybe I could sell this stuff. I do believe in the products obviously or I wouldn't be taking them. So I am still flirting with the idea of selling and obviously will if anyone wants to purchase. I know for myself making extra money is not really a big deal for me but having people lose weight and be healthier is definitely awesome, if that's their goal why not help them!
Also, One thing that is really cool is my friend Pam is going to sign up to sell it which is fun because we can help each other navigate the business aspect (should I go that route), help each other with being accountable and just overall support which is great. I wish she still lived here but she lives in Dallas, I would love to go back out and visit her, I had SO much fun last time I went out there! IF I do go back out there it will not be in the summer haha TOO hot!!!  

And while we are talking about health related stuff can I just say my mom is awesome for buying me a HUGE jar of PB2, I love this stuff! Also, the big jar costs the exact same as the little one but she got the big one at Costco. DEAL!
Here is where I am currently, I took this picture Sunday morning and I was impressed because Saturday night I had some wine and a beer AND let's just say my "diet" was not a priority meaning I ate lots of yummy foods including a piece of  a homemade white cake with chocolate PB icing in between the layers!

I have more to blog about, maybe later if the day stays quiet like it so far is. I have Mr. Mikes birthday party and best of all Daves baptism to blog!!! Both were quite awesome!!! I kept telling Dave over and over Sunday night how much I loved our weekend, it was TRULY awesome!!!

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