Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Our Weekend

This past weekend wasn't super eventful at all which I really enjoyed to be honest. Saturday AM we woke up then headed to the gym to get in a workout. Upper body day and major cardio accomplished!
 I wore my new workout shirt my mom got me, I am grateful! We went shopping at the mall then to East Bay Deli for lunch but took it home because we were nasty from the gym. We literally layed around and did nothing until around 3ish then headed to James Island to hang out with the family.
 little bubs is seriously so cute! I love having a baby around, I miss Lola and Isabelle being little babies!

 I got to spend some time with my nephew which I always love! Mom rocked him to sleep on the porch and her and I just chatted. I had my foot against the coffee table and used my foot to move the glider and my fitbit registered steps! I think I got like 2,000 steps from sitting on the couch out there! So funny! That thing is sensitive! Anywho we hung out for a bit then had dinner with mom and dad and headed home.

 So I was a major slacker and didn't go to church on sunday, I know I know! I went to the gym and had an awesome leg workout fueled by Advocare Slam, I really love this stuff. It is just enough of a boost without making me feel all jittery before my workout. I used to drink Jack3d and I would ITCH if I didn't get to the gym fast enough or would crash when I was done with my workout. Anyway awesome workout then I decided to go find Arctic Zero "healthy" ice cream and it was at Walmart. Guys, I HATE walmart, like despise it. Target is my store of choice even if it can be slightly more expensive on some things.
Oh so about the ice cream, so far it sucks, I am rather disappointed. The chocolate peanut butter cup tasted AWEFUL like trash can aweful. I had the cookie dough last night and it was OK but I will never buy it again. I have the cookie shake flavor which I will try but so far I am disappointed due to so many people saying how awesome it was, liars haha.
So either A. they have NO taste buds OR B. they were paid to endorse it, both are highly possible! haha Dave told me to stick to my skinny cow ice creams which taste great but still have too much sugar but I guess that is the nature of the beast when you want YUMMY ice cream!
Dave got home, we had lunch and finished supernatural on Netflix and he took a little nap then headed back to JI for my daddys birthday party!!

 I got him this awesome Clemson spatula and a fishing shirt, I couldn't pick just 1 so I got them both.
 Mom made him a homemade chocolate pound cake, can we say YUMMY!!! I may be trying to lose weight but you best believe I ate that cake and the 2 pieces we took home. haha no shame people no shame! I should probably not have even admitted that, Fat girl status right now!
 Daddy cooked some really yummy chicken in his po man grill, there were veggies, red rice, potato salad, deviled eggs (YUM) and rolls. We ate really good that night! I hope daddy enjoyed his party, I know I did! I know I say this ALLLLL the time but I seriously am so blessed by an awesome family!!!

This kid is a trip! haha being silly while not eating dinner! Why do kids make eating meals so difficult lol I will never understand!
This week has really been pretty uneventful so far, I am going to an Advocare tasting party tomorrow night which should be fun and my cousin is going with me. I am excited to get to try some of the products without having to purchase. Some of their products are a bit pricey even with a discount but I really do love a few of them. I absolutely LOVE catalyst, omega plex and the Slam! I am officially down 20lbs since January and I know Advocare jump started my weight loss again! I may not use this stuff forever but it is helping for now! BTW this is not a plug for anyone to buy anything, seriously! I do NOT want to be that annoying person like a few people on my facebook just using this for documentation purposes! I almost let myself go on a rant about the people that sell stuff and that being the ONLY thing they ever post about lol but I won't let myself do that! ;)
Happy Hump Day people!! I hope your week is going great!! Is it Friday YET??? haha

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