Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Last week since we had Friday off because of 4th of July I decided to take an extra 2 days off and give myself a little 5 day staycation. Dave had like 2 weeks off so we got to spend some quality time together before the kids arrived.
 We really didn't do a whole lot which was really nice. We did a lot of tv watching which I am a ok with. We did workout every day too so that was productive!
 We shopped at Old Navy (amazing sales) then got my eyebrows waxed.
We went to lunch at Applebees Wednesday after dropping Teddy off to get a hair cut or more like a buzz cut. Poor Teddy has no hair now!
 Thursday after our workout and before the Commissary we went to GNC to get our protein bars. We got some new ones by Muscle Pharm that are delicious, literally taste like a candy bar! Low sugar, high protein, good for me and taste delicious=GREAT combo!!
 We had afternoon storms almost every day too which meant we were definitely ok with staying inside being lazy.
 Friday evening we went over to my sisters to give her a bathing suit top and we hung out for a bit. Love getting to spend time with them especially my little Oliver.
 Saturday we worked out first thing in the AM then got the kids. It was the 4th so we had lots of fun which will be an entire post by itself. LOTS of pictures from the 4th! I am really glad we got the kids even though it wasn't our weekend to have them. We had a lot going on and they had a lot of fun!
 We were exhausted Sunday morning, I woke up at almost 9 and the kids were still asleep so unfortunately church did not happen. Once we all got up and had breakfast we went to the gym so I wouldn't feel so fat from the eating we did the last few days. Thankfully the kids enjoy going to the gym MOST of the time there are kids for them to play with but either way there's toys and a tv so they stay pretty happy.
 We were supposed to go to Lolas birthday party but it was almost 12:30 by the time we left the AFB so we headed home, had lunch, then went to the pool for some sunshine. 
 Later we went to JI to my parents house and hung out there for most of the evening. They cooked us a yummy dinner (love porkchops) and we got to just hang out. Logan was obsessed with the binoculars so we sat outside for a little bit bird watching. Then the mosquitos came out and we ran inside, HATE mosquitos.

Monday and Tuesday I felt like t total crap, I definitely think I have a cold. I am thankful this is happening early in the week though because Friday I am going to Greenville with Ashley so I have to be better! I may be sneezy when we go but we are going to have so much fun!!! I am really looking forward to our trip!
Oh and Dave is officially back to work as of yesterday so Monday night he had to shave, bye bye facial hair. See you next time he's on leave! ;)
So after 2 weeks of randomness because of leave, having the kids here, holidays etc life is going back to "normal" that is until we don't see the kids for like 3 weeks haha we may have to take a weekend trip somewhere since planning won't be as difficult. We shall see!!
That's the end of my super random post! Next will be 4th of July post!
Happy Hump Day everyone! :)

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