Monday, July 27, 2015

IKEA etc

Man, I have really been slacking on the blog front or at least I feel like I have. The kids haven't been around the last 2 weeks so I guess I haven't had as much fun to post about. Don't worry there are still a few things I am going to post about.
Last weekend was our first weekend just the two of us in what feels like forever even though duh it hasn't been that long. Dave has been really wanting a new dresser from IKEA like the one I got so we decided to head up to Charlotte and get him one. We had nothing else going on so why not?
 We left around 8:15 and we hit some major traffic, let's just say traffic was a major thing on this lovely Saturday. We ended up on some back road before we got to Columbia because I was NOT getting back on I-26 unless it was to head home. I really did enjoy this road though, we saw a few pretty farm houses which you hardly see anymore.  
Luckily once we got back on the interstate the traffic was behind us so we continued to IKEA. We got there and browsed around, got our dresser and a few other things. One of the best parts of IKEA are their cinnamon rolls, HEAVEN IN YOUR MOUTH PEOPLE trust me on this one!!!
 IKEA selfies :)
 Thank God he works out, those boxes are HEAVY!
 We wanted to go explore downtown Charlotte but it started to rain, boo! I have never been downtown there so I hope when we possibly go back in October we get to explore a little bit.
 We had to stop and get gas before 95 and we saw this old timey looking gas station, check out the gas pumps at the front, the inside was just as cool.
 We got home and Dave put his furniture together while I went to Old Navy and GNC. Man Old Navy had some really good sales going on. I got myself a pair of awesome shorts for $10, Dave some basketball shorts for cheap and I got Logan pants and a shirt they were both $3, can't beat that! 
Later Our friend Warren came over and we ordered pizza and hung out the rest of the evening. We sat on the porch and watched a storm approaching, the lightning was awesome!!
 It was all in all a good day, I enjoyed spending it with my boy minus the traffic of course haha
Here are a few random pictures from the week:
I took a walk one day at work last week, it wasn't too muggy hot outside yet I think it was like 9:30 in the morning and I really enjoyed it. I love getting to be outside but not when it is a million degrees.  I normally go walk on the treadmill at work in the mornings just to get my blood pumping and it really does help to break up the work day.

This is me on Thursday morning before having my first colonoscopy. Dave was so silly and was like lets take a selfie HAHA This was right before I had the best nap ever ;) Oh and everything looked good, no cancer or anything else to be concerned about. Now I just hope I don't have to get them every 5 years because it may take me that long to forget about how AWEFUL the prep was haha (lost 5 lbs)  If you have ever had one you know what I am talking about, ay ay ay!
 The rest of the day was literally spent watching hours of Supernatural on Netflix and relaxing with my boy. He had the whole day off too which was nice. He did go workout with Mike later but that was about the extent of our day.

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