Thursday, July 2, 2015

Anchors away

I found this bible verse last weekend on pinterest and kept it, didn't realize it would tie into a post this week. 
Tuesday my parents took Dave out on the boat for some fishing. He really had a good time. It was his first time fishing since he was a kid and first time on a boat around Charleston. Dad caught 2 fish but I think only one could be kept. 

Dave and I got home around the same time and hung out until I headed to the church. 
Pastor Chris got a new grill and offered free dinner to anyone who wanted it. Below was my plate, it was delicious!!! They fed a bunch of people, they are awesome. Someone made a bunch of cookies and butterscotch brownies, the brownies were amazing!!! 

The whole reason besides yummy dinner for a random tuesday at church was to paint. Me, mom, Shannon and Ashley all signed up for a painting class (life group) and we really enjoyed it. 
This was part of the way done. Thanm God for step by step instructions:)
Ms. Cindy, our teacher whom I have known since I was a kid. I love that our church has tons of new people but I really love there are still people from the beginning still there. 
My finished product, which is now hung up in my bathroom. 
Enjoyed getting to spend that time with these amazing  women. I look up to all 3 of them! 

This was our whole group! 

Such a fun time and I hope they offer it again in the future. 

<3 Sara

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