Sunday, August 1, 2010

Roomie Aniv

Yesterday was Kelly and I's one year aniverssary living in our apartment. So all day we basically cleaned the entire apartment. Which needed to happen so very badly. Then we decided to go out for a drink and celebrate. So we headed out to one of our fave places VooDoo. I had not been there in a LONG time. So it was nice to be back. We got there at 7 and met this really cool guy who was a little older but definitely fun to talk to. Once we were done with VooDoo we headed to a new place for me Genes Haufbrau (sp?). That place was NOT what I thought it was going to be. Basically its a bar with a ton of games. They had pool, shuffleboard, darts, foozball, jenga (I rocked), connect 4, chess, and checkers. We played ALL of those except pool and darts. haha Kelly dominated which was hilarious and I sucked at all the games but I am ok with that. I have never been really good at games. Anywho we spent 6 hours out last night but it was SO fun. Neither of us were drunk so it was just a gooood time. We met 2 guys but both older so no potentials there but they were def good company. Here are some pics!

<3 Sara