Monday, March 31, 2014

Under the bridge

This weekend was absolutely beautiful besides some rain on saturday morning! There was a lot of fun playing and having some ice cream treats. Oh and bootcamp saturday morning that has made my body sooooo sore!! Such a good pain but still pain. Haha! 

Sunday I got my Izzy after the gym and went to the Mt. Pleasant Park (under the bridge) and met Dave and his kiddos. It was windy so there was a chill but it was sunny and absolutely beautiful outside. The kids had a blast so did Dave and myself, their park is quite fun! It looks like the bridge so lots of climbing to be had, swinging and spinning too! We also walked down the pier and had some ice cream at the little store they have there. 

My favorite moment was when the girls said they were best friends! It was seriously so darn cute! 
This is one of the things you spin on, FUN!!! When I got off this thing I could not walk straight haha it is like a tire swing but not! 

Big kids can go down the slide too, right? Even if the sign basically said nobody over 12 ;) 
They love their daddy, they have so much fun with him! 

They loved getting to look over the side at the mud and the waves! They did this quite a few times. 
So much fun but I was exhausted!!! Izzy was too as you can see below but she was a trooper and braved Publix with me for a few items. 

I wish Lola had come with us too but Izzy and I got to spend some quality time together which I know we both loved! She was so happy and said she had so much fun so that made my Auntie Heart happy! Love my girls! 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Happy is....

....A brand new pair of converse!! My first pair ever and they are amazing! I have wanted a pair for over 2 years for sure so I could justify $45 on a pair of shoes! 
Now go get you a pair!!

<3 Sara

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday Funday

My sunday started out with a very yummy breakfast Dave and I made. Bacon, eggs, toast and some OJ! We hung out for a bit then parted ways so we could get stuff done today!
I came home and cleaned out my closet which definitely needed to happen. There is no need to keep all these clothes I never wear and probably won't wear. Then I headed to the gym and the grocery store. 
After dinner tonight mom, me, Lola and Izzy walked down to the park. It was a nice walk and the girls enjoyed getting to play a little bit. However, those gnats were terrible so it was short lived. 

Can't beat a good evening with the fam!! 

<3 Sara

Live life to the fullest

I can't even describe how much fun life has thrown my way lately. It isn't anything outrageous just having fun spending time with people I love and getting to do fun things like go to parks, shop, go out to eat, take walks, workout etc. I never want to look back and think I didn't have any fun so just making sure I have no regrets! 

Friday night my boy came down to my house to hang out. We went to Sunrise Park since he had never been but it was chilly and dinner was on it's way to my house so we spent maybe 20 mins there. It was nice and he definitely liked it out there. The views are just spectacular there, love it. 

The sun was setting and absolutely beautiful 

Saturday morning I woke up and headed to bootcamp which kicked my butt! We got to workout inside this time so no gnats or dirt which was nice. 

I went home straightened up and got cleaned up then headed to Daves. We ran a few errands then I made a banana pudding which I had never made before. It turned out yummy just a little soupier than it should have been. 

We went over to his coworkers for a bbq later which was fun! They had hammocks :) so I had to go check it out. We had some beers, burgers, and the boys all played dominos. 

Oh they also tried to shoot squirrels with BB guns. Rednecks haha jk but his coworker did want to eat one. Yuck!!!!

We left and went to Target to just look around. When you find a TMNT mask you have to take a silly picture, right? Right!! 
I love that Dave never judges me for my dumb pictures haha he goes with it!! 
Oh and we watched the movie Jack Reacher, it was a very good movie so go watch it!! Note: it is on Netflix. 

Friday and saturday were def great days!! I am so glad the weather stayed pretty nice the whole weekend!!

<3 Sara

Sunday, March 16, 2014

🍀Block Party 🍀

Saturday started off with a hard bootcamp!!! I was sweaty and dirty so I definitely had to shower before the day truly started. 

Me, my sis, nieces, aunt, uncle, Dave, his kiddos and my friend shannon and her family went down to Park Circles St. Patricks day block party. I went last year and it was fun but this year was very different. We had kids this year so there was no beer drinking which is fine by me. 

We watched the parade which was pretty good and we didn't have to fight to be able to see. The kids even got some candy from a few of the cars.  

We walked to the block party after the parade for some good fun! We saw tons of dogs, firetrucks, vendors, a fun store called the Pink Crocodile, and lots and lots of people. Oh I can't forget the bounce house and mechanical bull. 

This hat was heavy and very stinky!!!

After the parade we were all spent!! Dave, me and his kiddos headed to his house and chilled. I did venture out to target later but otherwise it was a very chill afternoon. 

Tonight mom made corned beef and cabbage and it was delicious!!!! It will also be my lunch tomorrow! :)

Tomorrow is St. Patricks day so don't forget your green. 

<3 Sara

Friday, March 14, 2014

Besties wedding pics

Kelly my bestie since the beginning finally after 3 months posted the rest of her wedding pictures. I just love them, Chris Nelson here in Charleston did a great job. Fun fact: we went to high school with him! 
I only posted the pics I reaaaaaallly liked!! Although I did like pretty much all of them. I loved getting to relive some of that day through the pics! All the candids were awesome! 

This is a candid reaction to them leaving me out the picture haha too funny

Another candid of us attempting to get our Charlies Angels pose! This is my favorite out of all the pics. 

That is one great looking bridal party!

<3 Sara