Friday, March 14, 2014

Vitamin D

After the gym on Monday I went to Sunrise Park on James Island which I love. (Yes this post is a few days late) 
When the weather is that nice I love to go up there for 30 minutes or so and just enjoy the views and get a little vitamin D the all natural way. I actually take vitamin D pills so this is better. 
It was such a beautiful day and the first time I had been out there in awhile since it has been too cold lately. When you are on the water the ocean breeze will make it slightly chillier so don't go unless it's a warmer day. That's just my opinion! 

Being a little artsy with my picture taking

I got home and my nieces were outside playing. Lola went on a walk with my dad and I took Izzy up and down the street on her scooter. So I soaked up even more of this day and spent quality time with the fam! 
They drive me crazy like little sisters but I wouldn't trade them for the world 

Sometimes the smallest moments can leave the biggest impression on your heart. I truly love my family and I treasure my time with them. Whether it's 5 minutes or 5 hours. 

<3 Sara

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Nicole said...

What a beautiful park! We have a park nearby with 2 little lakes but the ducks on steroids scare me lol I value my family time too :)