Sunday, March 2, 2014

Saturday fun: oysters, pizza and arcade games

Saturday was such a great day! When did my life get so busy again?? It has been months since it felt like this. I am not complaining by any means just to be clear. 

I started my morning off at my friend Shannons bootcamp. It kicked our butts and I was so glad my cousin Kimberly came out and tried it. 
Our view was very pretty and we were verrrrry cold! 

Saturday afternoon I took Lola with me to my works oyster roast at the Elks club. They had oysters, pizza, beer, facepainting, balloon animals, even some arts and crafts. Lola and I had a lot of fun. This was also the first time I met Dave's kids, they were very cute but didn't love the oyster roast. So thanks to his co-workers suggestion we all headed out to Chuck-e-cheese. 
Uncle John and Kimberly ready to dig into some fresh oysters! 

We got our faces painted, yes they even let the adults. I am probably the only adult though that did it. 
My cousin kimberly and Lola, so sweet. 
His little girl and her balloon piggie! 

She hit the JACKPOT!!!!! She was so excited you have no idea! 
This is one very happy kid!! She had so much fun and I loved spending some time just her and I. She will always be my lollirolliepollie. I called her that for a good 2 years at least when she was born, no clue why. 

I am so glad to have had such an amazing day!! 

<3 Sara

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