Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Cookies nom nom nom

Did I really just make that my title?? Yes in fact I did! Girl scout cookies on the brain!! 

Sunday I went to church then to lunch at Smokey Oak which was delicious!! Me, my sis, nieces, my aunt and uncle and cousin all enjoyed a nice semi chilly lunch on the patio. I also enjoyed a mimosa, for $2 you have to at least have one. 

After lunch I headed to the mall and Dave met me with his kiddos just to say hey! We did enjoy some Dairy Queen and they played while we talked. 
They are so tiny haha of course he is pretty skinny too so it makes sense. 

Mom made a yummy dinner and I watched tv the rest of the evening. 

Monday I woke up feeling blah probably from eating too much sunday. Haha worth the bad feeling! I felt better later so I went to the gym and had an awesome workout. The gym was quiet so it was a very relaxing yet intense workout. I love when theres like nobody in the gym. 
I met Ashley and her family for dinner last night at O'charleys. I haven't been there in years and it was even better now!! I love spending time with them too, such supportive positive friends! 

This would be why I have girl scouts on the brain. A coworker was selling them so I bought some. Tagalongs are my favorite but I like them best cold so in the fridge they went! 

I may go enjoy a few now! :)

<3 Sara

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