Sunday, March 23, 2014

Live life to the fullest

I can't even describe how much fun life has thrown my way lately. It isn't anything outrageous just having fun spending time with people I love and getting to do fun things like go to parks, shop, go out to eat, take walks, workout etc. I never want to look back and think I didn't have any fun so just making sure I have no regrets! 

Friday night my boy came down to my house to hang out. We went to Sunrise Park since he had never been but it was chilly and dinner was on it's way to my house so we spent maybe 20 mins there. It was nice and he definitely liked it out there. The views are just spectacular there, love it. 

The sun was setting and absolutely beautiful 

Saturday morning I woke up and headed to bootcamp which kicked my butt! We got to workout inside this time so no gnats or dirt which was nice. 

I went home straightened up and got cleaned up then headed to Daves. We ran a few errands then I made a banana pudding which I had never made before. It turned out yummy just a little soupier than it should have been. 

We went over to his coworkers for a bbq later which was fun! They had hammocks :) so I had to go check it out. We had some beers, burgers, and the boys all played dominos. 

Oh they also tried to shoot squirrels with BB guns. Rednecks haha jk but his coworker did want to eat one. Yuck!!!!

We left and went to Target to just look around. When you find a TMNT mask you have to take a silly picture, right? Right!! 
I love that Dave never judges me for my dumb pictures haha he goes with it!! 
Oh and we watched the movie Jack Reacher, it was a very good movie so go watch it!! Note: it is on Netflix. 

Friday and saturday were def great days!! I am so glad the weather stayed pretty nice the whole weekend!!

<3 Sara

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