Sunday, March 16, 2014

🍀Block Party 🍀

Saturday started off with a hard bootcamp!!! I was sweaty and dirty so I definitely had to shower before the day truly started. 

Me, my sis, nieces, aunt, uncle, Dave, his kiddos and my friend shannon and her family went down to Park Circles St. Patricks day block party. I went last year and it was fun but this year was very different. We had kids this year so there was no beer drinking which is fine by me. 

We watched the parade which was pretty good and we didn't have to fight to be able to see. The kids even got some candy from a few of the cars.  

We walked to the block party after the parade for some good fun! We saw tons of dogs, firetrucks, vendors, a fun store called the Pink Crocodile, and lots and lots of people. Oh I can't forget the bounce house and mechanical bull. 

This hat was heavy and very stinky!!!

After the parade we were all spent!! Dave, me and his kiddos headed to his house and chilled. I did venture out to target later but otherwise it was a very chill afternoon. 

Tonight mom made corned beef and cabbage and it was delicious!!!! It will also be my lunch tomorrow! :)

Tomorrow is St. Patricks day so don't forget your green. 

<3 Sara

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