Monday, March 31, 2014

Under the bridge

This weekend was absolutely beautiful besides some rain on saturday morning! There was a lot of fun playing and having some ice cream treats. Oh and bootcamp saturday morning that has made my body sooooo sore!! Such a good pain but still pain. Haha! 

Sunday I got my Izzy after the gym and went to the Mt. Pleasant Park (under the bridge) and met Dave and his kiddos. It was windy so there was a chill but it was sunny and absolutely beautiful outside. The kids had a blast so did Dave and myself, their park is quite fun! It looks like the bridge so lots of climbing to be had, swinging and spinning too! We also walked down the pier and had some ice cream at the little store they have there. 

My favorite moment was when the girls said they were best friends! It was seriously so darn cute! 
This is one of the things you spin on, FUN!!! When I got off this thing I could not walk straight haha it is like a tire swing but not! 

Big kids can go down the slide too, right? Even if the sign basically said nobody over 12 ;) 
They love their daddy, they have so much fun with him! 

They loved getting to look over the side at the mud and the waves! They did this quite a few times. 
So much fun but I was exhausted!!! Izzy was too as you can see below but she was a trooper and braved Publix with me for a few items. 

I wish Lola had come with us too but Izzy and I got to spend some quality time together which I know we both loved! She was so happy and said she had so much fun so that made my Auntie Heart happy! Love my girls! 

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