Monday, March 10, 2014

Day trip to Savannah

Saturday the bf and I headed down to Savannah, Ga for the day to enjoy our first beautiful weather day. It has been soooooo long since the weather was warm and pretty so it was definitely welcomed. I soaked up as much vitamin D as I could. 

We got there around 11:30 and headed down to Riverstreet just in time to see a huge cargo ship going toward the bridge. I thought this was quite cool, I like transporation (ships, planes, trains, cars etc). 

We found this huge globe memorial. We didn't read it though so not sure what it was for. 

We headed down the street, played in some stores, checked out the craft fair they had going on which was quite neat. We even did a caricature, didn't really look like us but still a fun memory! 
They had St. Patricks day stuff everywhere and all the fountains are already green for next weekend. 

We walked around the squares some, looked in some more shops and then had some lunch at Moon River. I thought it was a little busy but lunch was quite delish. I had a mimosa and a sammich (grilled turkey, brie, cranberry, pecans) SOOO good. He had a chicken sandwich and water. No drinking for him since he was driving. Note I only had 1 drink haha so no biggie. 

We also played thumb wars at our table waiting for our food. Haha who does that?? Apparently we do, it was fun! I lost too. 

We walked around more (shocker) we saw some more historical stuff this time. The pretty houses, cannon, memorials, the squares and those gorgeous oak trees. 

While we were about to get on I-95 we saw these huge elephants on the side of 17. Luckily he is a go with the flow guy and didn't mind stopping for photos. It's nice having a boyfriend who let's me be silly and goes with it. 
But really, how could you not stop to take a picture?!?

We got back to Charleston around 5:30 and went to his old neighbors house for their sons birthday. This was my first time meeting them and they were very nice. We hung out for a bit but I was exhausted and knowing I had to drive home we left before I fell asleep. They did do the cake before we left so we could sing and take a piece with us. 

I thought this picture was so sweet! 
I would say Saturday was a pretty great day!! We didn't see everything I wanted to see in Savannah so we will be going back. I really want to go to the Tybee Island lighthouse. That will be another weekend :)

<3 Sara

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