Wednesday, August 31, 2016


 This past weekend was so fun and it started out right, DATE NIGHT!! woop woop!! It may not appear this way but Dave and I hardly ever go out! We ended up picking up my rings that I had saudered together, went shopping at Tanger then finished off with dinner at some sushi place that was so good!! We both needed that night out together, we have really stayed home a lot more lately because of saving for the house!
 Saturday morning I went through all of Alayna's clothes/toys to decide what needed to go to Goodwill, her moms or stay with us! We are so fortunate to get lots of clothes from my sister that are passed down from my nieces. We normally end up with a lot we can send to her moms too which I am sure is helpful! It is a lot cheaper to only have to really worry about buying clothes for Logan. She really is set for fall/winter for the most part except needing some jeans.

 We went to JI later that afternoon/evening for a family birthday party at my aunts! My uncle built this "car" that is from Star Wars which became a photo opportunity!  


 Love these crazy kids!

Lots of fun with the family and yummy food to go with it! Always a good time in my book!
Sunday we went to church, stopped by the house then hung out on JI for a little bit later!

A very good weekend! We have the kids this weekend and we are hopeful the weather will be good so we can enjoy the beach/pool but we shall see! Darn hurricane season!


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Change up

  Friday I decided to change my hair up again so cut a little off and make it darker for fall! This will be so much cheaper because I can let it go a long time without having to dye it again! Win win! After Dave got home we went by our house then picked up the kids! The house is coming along really well and I am still thinking we will be in earlier than they say. We shall see!!

Logan was sick so he went to play video games and I took Alayna to the pool for a little bit. It was really nice outside, I love that it isn't miserably hot every moment of the day anymore! The evenings are tolerable!


 Saturday morning I did a mile of cardio then we got all our stuff together and headed to Folly to hang out with some friends! This was my first time on the beach in years, I really enjoyed it but it is SUCH a production when you take kids!



 We were all tired when we left after 3 hours! We spent the rest of the day just hanging out and a quick Target run!
Sunday was church then hanging out with the fam!

A good weekend for sure!


Wednesday, August 17, 2016

It's getting closer

Our house is getting closer to being finished!! We stopped by last Thursday and they had started the drywall!  
 Left is the dining room, LOVE the trey ceiling. Right is the hall upstairs
Our master bathroom looking into our room, I can't wait to take a bath in that huge tub!

Living room!

We sent in the paperwork this week for our loan, I pray there aren't many issues but we shall see! We submitted it earlier than we were advised because at the end I want us waiting on the house not the house waiting on us! If I knew it was ready and we couldn't move in that would drive me crazy!

Saturday we went to the gym, hung out on JI for a bit, got info prepared for our loan and Dave got a TV on offer up for a steal!! We also sold some stuff this week on that app so we were able to add more money to our savings!

 Sunday morning Dave felt aweful so we skipped church and I headed to the gym. We had Logans meet the teacher that afternoon so luckily Dave felt OK enough to go. I unfortunately started to feel yuck after so our afternoon was so lazy!
Me and the big 3rd grader!! I really liked his teacher and her Harry Potter themed classroom! I really hope he does well in his new school and thrives this year!
Their first day of school pic taken by their mom! They looked so cute and excited! I hope they had a great first day which we will hear all about today I am sure!

We are hopeful this weekend we can go to the beach with our friends but the weather forecast doesn't look promising right now so we shall see! Either way it will be a good weekend!