Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Change up

  Friday I decided to change my hair up again so cut a little off and make it darker for fall! This will be so much cheaper because I can let it go a long time without having to dye it again! Win win! After Dave got home we went by our house then picked up the kids! The house is coming along really well and I am still thinking we will be in earlier than they say. We shall see!!

Logan was sick so he went to play video games and I took Alayna to the pool for a little bit. It was really nice outside, I love that it isn't miserably hot every moment of the day anymore! The evenings are tolerable!


 Saturday morning I did a mile of cardio then we got all our stuff together and headed to Folly to hang out with some friends! This was my first time on the beach in years, I really enjoyed it but it is SUCH a production when you take kids!



 We were all tired when we left after 3 hours! We spent the rest of the day just hanging out and a quick Target run!
Sunday was church then hanging out with the fam!

A good weekend for sure!


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