Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Mermaids, alligators and snakes OH MY

We had such a good weekend jam packed with fun! This was our first weekend having the kids again so we wanted to make sure we had fun. PLUS this is their last week before school starts back!

My sister moved into her new house so we asked if Isabelle could spend the night which turned into spending the weekend! We went and picked her up Friday night and Dave helped move a few things for Shannon. Her new house was really nice! I can't wait for ours!
 Some mermaid fun after baths, bible stories then bed!

I worked out in the apartment gym Saturday morning and saw this guy, I thought he was so neat!

We all got dressed then headed to Edisto Island to the Serpentarium! None of us had ever gone but I had heard good things.  
The drive there was really pretty once we got off 17 but the road was horrible! We hit some serious bumps which I thought for sure would have popped his tires but thank God it didn't! We learned quickly when a sign says bump to basically come to a complete stop! We will be taking my car if we ever go back out to Edisto again!

I didn't really know what to expect but this was very cool and very different from any place I had been before. Like snakes in trees 5 ft from your head with nothing to stop them from coming out of said tree.




Picnic lunch outside before going back in for the snake show! This reminded me of all the picnics I had as a kid, so fun to get to do that now! I also now understand why we did so many picnics, hello saving money!!! We had sandwiches, pirates booty and 2 oreos a piece!

 The kids all got a turn holding a snake.... not my cup of tea but they all thought it was cool!


Smiling faces before heading back home!

 After a good hour of relaxing we headed to the pool then of course a storm showed up. We went back in, had dinner then went back out to the pool for some more fun!

 Sunday after church the girls went with my parents so Dave, Logan and myself headed home but first a stop by the house! It looked SO good!! I had no idea all of the siding was complete, next up drywall! I am really thinking we will be in this house no later than middle of October!

We went back to JI to get Alayna and hang with the fam! Definitely a good weekend!!


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