Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Last weekend

I thought I already posted this but apparently I had not as I still had the pictures sitting in a folder on my desktop! Clearly I am not up on my blogging skills anymore.
Last week was my dads birthday and we all got together Thursday night to have pizza and eat a delicious chocolate pound cake. That cake was amazing and made from scratchy by my mommy! I don't have the patience to bake from scratch, maybe one day!

We went by our house on Friday night and saw we had windows and doors!! Our neighbors house has started as well, I am SO thankful there is a decent amount of space between our homes. AND we will be finished close to the same time so we won't have to really listen to all the building noise once we do move in.


 Saturday morning we went to the gym then headed home, got ready and went to JI. We spend the entire afternoon/evening with my parents and I loved it!  We went to Costco and got some things including our new desk!! Buying stuff for the house is super exciting it just stinks we can't move in anytime soon.
 We went to the yacht club later because there was a fishing tournament going on. It was really hot outside but I enjoyed it. Mom and I got to get on an extremely expensive boat they had for people to "tour" it was SO nice!!

 We walked down the dock and saw the boats coming in with their fish, some of them were pretty large! I think dad said the winner was 53lbs.

I got this awesome shirt!!

 We hung out for a bit, had dinner then headed home! 99% of the time when we leave JI to go home we have zero intention of going to see the house BUT normally half way through one of us says lets go see the house so duh we go! Lately there have been minor changes every time we visit but Saturday night they installed our windows and doors which was cool. I meet with the builder tomorrow morning for our pre-drywall meeting which is the half way point to this process.
We are thinking October is our month hopefully middle but we shall see!

Sunday we went to church, hit up the gym then went to JI to hang with the fam a little and we did some shopping with mom and Shannon!

It was definitely a good weekend! Tonight we finally get to see the kids who we haven't seen since July 6th! Then we get them this Friday until the next Friday so hopefully the weather cooperates and we can have some fun at the pool! Hopefully a fun weekend in store but we shall see!!


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