Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Completely Random

 This post is a little all over the place but that's ok, keeps things interesting or maybe not. haha I never think my blog is interesting but I enjoy it anyway because getting to go back and read old posts is so fun. Imagine finding your diary from middle school, now that would be entertaining.
Bring on the random.....
Last Monday we had off from work for presidents day so Dave and I did some yard work. I got 5 new plants to put in the yard and the blue ones have already died. I don't even remember what they were but clearly they did not like my yard. The yellow ones and the tulips I got are still looking good so we shall see.

Tuesday I tried another new recipe from my new cook book. Cheeseburger meatballs, they were awesome. In fact they tasted even better the day after. The kids ate them Wednesday night and tore them up which shocked me because there were onions in them. Although it really shouldn't shock me because anything resembling meatloaf they LOVE!

 Before we went on a bike ride I showed the kids their new shoes and clothes I got them. I also had found a bible while cleaning last weekend and gave it to Logan. He was beyond excited to have a bible and instantly started to read it. I am very curious to see how much he actually reads it. They both also got to try out my new to me treadmill!

 Daddy got home and we went for a long bike ride before dinner. I would say we did at least 2 miles which was pretty darn good. I wasn't sure how Alayna would do but she kept up, only getting tired at the very end.

 Friday afternoon my mom and sis came over with Bubs to hang out. I pulled out the sprinkler and he absolutely loved it. The water was a little cold so he didn't stay in it for long periods of time but he kept running back and forth messing with the water. It was really cute!

A selfie with the husband on our way to dinner with friends Saturday night! We met them at Kicken Chicken and really had a great time. We stayed probably a good 30 minutes after we paid our bill just talking. George has a pretty cool job and therefore has some pretty cool stories which I always enjoy hearing.

I ordered this bathing suit in Navy, I have never ordered a bathing suit online so my expectations are low but I really think this one is cute. I want something that covers the tummy when I go out in public and I am hoping this one will be perfect. I will make sure to post about it once it comes in.
Thanks for reading my completely random all over the place blog post :) I promise next time it will be more interesting. We have a lot going on this weekend since we have the kids and we are celebrating Logan turning 9 with some family and our besties!
Friday night the boys are going to a Nerf Gun war one of the rec centers is putting on and I am thinking girls night for me and Alayna. I just have to figure out what girls night means to a 6 year old! haha

Friday, February 24, 2017

A Folly Sunset

Totally not sunset related but mom told me how to make French toast. Sunday morning I tried it, we loved it, new obsession! Give me all the carbs.

Sunday we didn't do much during the day because Dave was studying and doing practice tests for a big test he had on Tuesday. I believe he did well which is huge for our future. Any who later in the afternoon we headed to my parents house to hang out for a bit then we went with my sister and nieces down to Folly to see the sunset.
 There were hearts spray painted all over the street on the walk down from where we parked to the lighthouse. It was really cool.
Enjoy the pics they really don't need captions.


 Ok I just have to say this picture cracks me UP! I am jumping and she is dabbing, she is a mess!

Dave and I stopped by Bohemian Bull on the way home, he pretty much forced me lol he loves that breakfast burger!
Definitely a great afternoon/evening!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Day trip to Myrtle

Saturday morning I got up early and headed to JI to head to Myrtle Beach with mom, dad, and bubs for the day.
Just a cute Teddy picture from Friday 
 Bubs and I on the way up there, he did so good. He made lots of noises and loved looking around.

 We dropped him off with my sister at their hotel right on the beach. Even though it was a quick thing I still loved getting to see the beach. It was right near where we stayed for our mini honeymoon which was cool. The pier where we stayed though was destroyed by Hurricane Matthew.

 Here you can see the pier, it wasn't that short back in June.

 We went to the Tanger and did some major shopping. I got a ton of great deals but my best one was 2 pairs of shoes for the kids and only spent $40! Aesics are great shoes and getting them that cheap was awesome. They are a size or 2 up from their current sizes so even though they may not be able to wear them now it was still worth buying. I will have them try them on Wednesday because you never know they might can wear them now. I got clothes for all 4 of us as well so I definitely am glad we went for all the sales.

 We grabbed some lunch at Drunken Jacks in Murrels Inlet on the way home and I loved the view. I wish it had been sunny but it was still nice to chit chat with mom and dad, eat yummy food and have a view. I told Dave I definitely want to come back to this area and try one of the other restaurants too.  

 Pirate photo op! A nice lady even offered to take one of both of us so of course I said yes.
Me and daddy before we headed back.

The drunk pirate on the sign with the rum was just awesome!

 I really enjoyed the quality time with mom and dad because it is rare these days to spend that kind of time with just them. We had a really good time or at least I know I did. It was the perfect first day of a really great long weekend.