Monday, March 30, 2015

Tastefully Simple

Friday night after my workout and dinner with Dave I headed to my sisters for a party. Dave was happy, he got to play video games all night haha boys! 
The party was for a company called Tastefully Simple that her friend Stacy had just started to sell. We got to enjoy girl time, eat some yummy food and shop. The beer bread was delish and I ordered some. You don't have to use beer you can use any carbonated beverage. So good!! I got that and steak seasoning but there were so many other things I was interested in. If you want any info leave me a comment and I can get you in touch with Stacy! :)
We got some major family time (the girls) and baby time!! 
Aunt Theresa with Oliver and Aunt Christine with Adriana. The babies were so good and so cute! 

They got some cousin play time, they were definitely curious about eachother. Adriana was especially interested in Oliver maybe because she is a month older. Too cute! 
I headed home around 9 to get some sleep because we woke up at 6am for a day trip to Charlotte!! That will be another post because it's time for Orange is the New Black :) 

Hope your Monday went well, mine started with a slooooowwwww computer but got better! 

<3 Sara

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Baby time and Chilis

Thursday morning when I woke up a muscle in my back was killing me so I decided to stay home and not make it worse. Luckily by noon it was feeling better and I was able to enjoy the day. I took Teddy for a walk, got ready then Dave got home from work. We decided to go out to dinner but first a visit to my sisters. 
We got to spend some time with this cutie and his mommy. 
Oliver in a milk coma
We even let mommy take a starbucks run to get her a beverage! This made mommy very happy! :) 

Dave and I headed around the corner to eat at Chilis. I haven't been there in at least 2 years and it was sooooo good. 
$3.50 margaritas, yes please!!! 
My handsome date, I love this guy so dang much! 

We got these fried cheese things with a yummy dipping sauce it is part of their new menu and they are just awesome!! We wanted more but we had our dinner coming soon. He got a quesidilla and I got honey chipotle chicken crispers, they were both really good! 
It was nice to get out on a week night for a date. Dave thinks we need to do this once a month. We obviously go out and do stuff but we want to make a dinner date happen more often. I love that he wants to make sure we always invest in our relationship and not get caught in a rut! Can't say I hate that :)

Have a good weekend!!  

<3 Sara

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Our fun weekend

This weekend was very chill but very fun too! Dave got the kids friday night and they took a bike ride before baths and bedtime. I stayed home and watched tv but walked out on the porch and caught this beautiful sunset. 

Saturday we woke up, had breakfast then Dave dropped me off at the afb gym while they went to one of the parks on base. I got in a good hour workout which was great, only bad part is they got rid of my fave cardio machine! Boo! 
We came home had lunch then headed to JI but first a stop at the Battery. 
We had a lot of fun running around, looking at all the cannons etc and just enjoying eachothers company. 
I love this guy, just sayin. 

We headed out because it was getting chilly and the weather looked questionable. 
We went to my parents house for a few hours and hung out. I got to see this cute guy :) 
We headed home around5:30 to get dinner (lasagna) then hung out the rest of the night. I got another pretty sunset picture! 

Today (Sunday) we went to church, came home for lunch, then headed to the Newmans house! We got to hangout/play with our friends for 2 hours and we all loved it. The kids had a BLAST! They said seeing Jesse was the best part of the weekend! So cute! 

They went back to mommy and it is time to finish laundry and just chill! 

Not ready for the weekend to be over but next Saturday is IKEA so I have something fun to look forward to :) 

Hope you all had a great weekend!! 

<3 Sara

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Let's go for a ride

So this past weekend when Dave and I went to my Grammy and Aunt Susans house I got a bike! My aunt has had cancer for over a year and had just bought herself a bike before everything happened and could no longer ride it so she gave it to me. I have wanted a bike for awhile but holy cow have you ever priced them? Expensive! I am so thankful to her that she gave me her bike, I will definitely get her moneys worth and will ride it alot. The only downfall, I have to carry it up and down the stairs. Small price to pay! 
Here she is in all her glory, cute and comfy! 
First bikeride in forever selfie lol
This guy was so excited because we got to take a bikeride around the neighborhood. Dave and Alayna went to the store so we ventured out for almost an hour. He said my aunt was awesome for giving me a bike and he wanted daddy to get a bike now so we can all ride bikes together. 
We stopped and looked for alligators and turtles. Unfortunately no gator but tons of turtles and birds. Love his crazy hair in this pic haha
We also stopped for some playing at the park. It started to get a little chilly and you can see he has no jacket or long pants so it was time to head home. 

We got back and had dinner with Dave and Alayna who picked us all up Chickfila yumm! Then we went out to feed some old bread to the ducks, they played some then they headed home. 

I had a good afternoon hanging with the kids and Dave!  It is cool to see our relationship building. I will never try to be a "mom" to them but I always hope that they look up to me and me be a good role model for them! 

<3 Sara

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

St. Patricks day

This St. Patricks day was not festive at all for me except the fact that I wore a green shirt that said "100% Irish today" to work.  I worked all day and was not feeling the gym so I headed home and took the dog for a walk. It was pretty warm out which meant I saw my first gator of the year. I knew this pond down the street would eventually have gators and I finally saw one. He was quite small but i'm sure he will get bigger and he probably has friends. Therefore I will keep my eyes peeled everytime I walk the dog by this area. 
Ever since my last apartment had 2 gators I am super cautious because I swear one time while walking Kodie they were swimming over to eat him. I am paranoid now!! Yeah you can think i'm crazy haha 
There were tons of turtles too!! 
We walked a little over a mile which wasn't too bad. Teddy was panting and slowed down a bit then plopped on the cold tile floor when we got home since it was a little bit on the warm side. I am thinking he may only get short walks once summer comes back in full force. 

After my walk I hung out and watched tv by myself for a bit Dave came home then shortly after mom, Krystal and Oliver came over. I loved having them over to the apartment. Mom had visited once before but this was Krystal and Olivers firsr visit. I ordered pizza for dinner then mom left and Krystal and I watched Southern Charm and Keeping up with the Kardashians (no judgement please lol)
Sweet baby snuggled with his nini. 
Then snuggled with Dave before he left us to play video games! 
I love this kid, I can't wait until he is older and we can go play and take him places! 
Gangsta baby! Haha 

Oliver was a good boy while we watched our reality tv and I of course loved my baby snuggles and sister time. She doesn't live too far from me so she will have to come visit more often especially to swim in the summer. 
Look at that cool baby with his shades on! 

I definitely enjoyed my family time and I know Dave enjoyed his few hours
Of video games without me asking when he will be done haha he will probably ask Krystal  to come over more often haha 

Happy Wednesday, the week is half over!! Woop woop!! 

<3 Sara 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Yesterday was just a down right beautiful day! I was able to get out enjoy it more than once and that makes me happy. 
We had training in another building so my aunt and I walked there and back totalling over a mile! Getting to be outside and getting some cardio, win win! How gorgeous are these trees, they smell like fish (being honest) but oh so pretty. 
Then I took Teddy for a walk ( over a mile) in the neighborhood and there were pretty trees and flowers everywhere. This one caught my eye so I of course took a picture. 
Dave got home from the gym and we headed to Publix to get some fruit and protein powder. They have the best organic protein powder from their greenwise brand. $12.99 and it's organic and delicious, can't beat it. Anyway on the way there the sun was setting and it was gorgeous!! You all know I love sunsets and this one was beautiful! 
This post was very random but I wanted to share the beauty I got to see yesterday. I am hopeful to get in another walk this afternoon since the weather is supposed to be nice again. Once the summer comes I probably won't walk as often because it will get so humid and hot so I am soaking it up now before it comes. 

Have a great Tuesday friends! 

"Don't worry about anything; instead pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done." Philipians 4:6 
Wanted to share, I love this verse! 

<3 Sara

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Our weekend

How is this weekend already over? I feel like it just began, such is life most weekends right? 
So Friday after work I got in a workout then headed home to chill for the evening. We cooked some dinner then watched a super weird "scary" movie on Netflix called Mercy. I do not recommend this movie, it was just odd. I was just sick of watching tv shows constantly so we opted for a movie. 

Saturday we got up early had breakfast then headed to the air force base to get in a workout, I had a great workout which was much needed and a trip to the sauna which I loved. I wish I could use the sauna everyday. 
We got ready then headed to James Island to hang out with the family and Dave had to help my dad move some furniture. I stayed at the house with Krystal, Oliver and Izzy so that Krystal could nap but Olivers tummy had other plans for her. He was quite fussy so she ended up not napping while I was there. We did have some quality sister time which I enjoyed. We even watched the gypsy wedding show and that was a hot mess but entertaining. 
 Sleeping on Dave before he headed over to work haha

 After we left James Island around 5ish we headed home to get ready for a hockey game. He got tickets for free from one of his bosses so we didn't pay anything except for snacks while we were there. 
 Dave got Chik-fil-a before the game and we re-created a picture we took a year ago lol I probably should have posted that one too just because but I didn't. 
 I thought the sky looked really pretty over the coliseum while we were walking in. 

 We got to see some pretty good fights while we were there which was the best part. 
 This little girl said she was sleepy when we got there but we ended up realizing she was sick so we ended up leaving after about 2 hours. The game maybe had another 30ish minutes left so we didn't miss much I am sure.

 Before Dave and I headed home we stopped for a sweet treat at TCBY, YUM!!! I have discovered putting the pb on the top of my yogurt is pretty amazing. 

Today was a pretty chill day. We got up and went to church which was awesome!! The service was about divorce but he I felt like it was beneficial for everyone. We went to see my grammy and aunt Susan after church then went to mom and dads for a little bit. Next was grocery shopping which I dreaded but hey got to get it done, right? blah! I dropped Dave and the groceries off at home, I put the groceries away first, then headed to Old Navy. Now that the weather is warmer I have been wanting some new dresses. I found 2 dresses and a skirt for myself, a shirt for Dave and Logan and flip flops for Alayna and only spent $75 which was awesome!

I got back and took Teddy for a walk because my steps count was just not high enough for me. Have I mentioned I am obsessed with my fitbit numbers, if my steps are under 10k I am not ok with it. It makes me feel lazy which I know is crazy but hey it is what it is. I had 92k steps last week which might be the highest I have ever had. oh and sorry his butt is in the picture, I thought I cropped it out but realized just now it is still there. boo!
Now is walking dead time and off to bed. I am so not ready for monday morning but unfortunately it will come dark and early! Another good weekend in the books, no clue what we will do next weekend but we will have the kids. Maybe an aquarium visit since we haven't been in awhile, we shall see!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and has a great week!!