Sunday, March 22, 2015

Our fun weekend

This weekend was very chill but very fun too! Dave got the kids friday night and they took a bike ride before baths and bedtime. I stayed home and watched tv but walked out on the porch and caught this beautiful sunset. 

Saturday we woke up, had breakfast then Dave dropped me off at the afb gym while they went to one of the parks on base. I got in a good hour workout which was great, only bad part is they got rid of my fave cardio machine! Boo! 
We came home had lunch then headed to JI but first a stop at the Battery. 
We had a lot of fun running around, looking at all the cannons etc and just enjoying eachothers company. 
I love this guy, just sayin. 

We headed out because it was getting chilly and the weather looked questionable. 
We went to my parents house for a few hours and hung out. I got to see this cute guy :) 
We headed home around5:30 to get dinner (lasagna) then hung out the rest of the night. I got another pretty sunset picture! 

Today (Sunday) we went to church, came home for lunch, then headed to the Newmans house! We got to hangout/play with our friends for 2 hours and we all loved it. The kids had a BLAST! They said seeing Jesse was the best part of the weekend! So cute! 

They went back to mommy and it is time to finish laundry and just chill! 

Not ready for the weekend to be over but next Saturday is IKEA so I have something fun to look forward to :) 

Hope you all had a great weekend!! 

<3 Sara

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