Sunday, March 15, 2015

Our weekend

How is this weekend already over? I feel like it just began, such is life most weekends right? 
So Friday after work I got in a workout then headed home to chill for the evening. We cooked some dinner then watched a super weird "scary" movie on Netflix called Mercy. I do not recommend this movie, it was just odd. I was just sick of watching tv shows constantly so we opted for a movie. 

Saturday we got up early had breakfast then headed to the air force base to get in a workout, I had a great workout which was much needed and a trip to the sauna which I loved. I wish I could use the sauna everyday. 
We got ready then headed to James Island to hang out with the family and Dave had to help my dad move some furniture. I stayed at the house with Krystal, Oliver and Izzy so that Krystal could nap but Olivers tummy had other plans for her. He was quite fussy so she ended up not napping while I was there. We did have some quality sister time which I enjoyed. We even watched the gypsy wedding show and that was a hot mess but entertaining. 
 Sleeping on Dave before he headed over to work haha

 After we left James Island around 5ish we headed home to get ready for a hockey game. He got tickets for free from one of his bosses so we didn't pay anything except for snacks while we were there. 
 Dave got Chik-fil-a before the game and we re-created a picture we took a year ago lol I probably should have posted that one too just because but I didn't. 
 I thought the sky looked really pretty over the coliseum while we were walking in. 

 We got to see some pretty good fights while we were there which was the best part. 
 This little girl said she was sleepy when we got there but we ended up realizing she was sick so we ended up leaving after about 2 hours. The game maybe had another 30ish minutes left so we didn't miss much I am sure.

 Before Dave and I headed home we stopped for a sweet treat at TCBY, YUM!!! I have discovered putting the pb on the top of my yogurt is pretty amazing. 

Today was a pretty chill day. We got up and went to church which was awesome!! The service was about divorce but he I felt like it was beneficial for everyone. We went to see my grammy and aunt Susan after church then went to mom and dads for a little bit. Next was grocery shopping which I dreaded but hey got to get it done, right? blah! I dropped Dave and the groceries off at home, I put the groceries away first, then headed to Old Navy. Now that the weather is warmer I have been wanting some new dresses. I found 2 dresses and a skirt for myself, a shirt for Dave and Logan and flip flops for Alayna and only spent $75 which was awesome!

I got back and took Teddy for a walk because my steps count was just not high enough for me. Have I mentioned I am obsessed with my fitbit numbers, if my steps are under 10k I am not ok with it. It makes me feel lazy which I know is crazy but hey it is what it is. I had 92k steps last week which might be the highest I have ever had. oh and sorry his butt is in the picture, I thought I cropped it out but realized just now it is still there. boo!
Now is walking dead time and off to bed. I am so not ready for monday morning but unfortunately it will come dark and early! Another good weekend in the books, no clue what we will do next weekend but we will have the kids. Maybe an aquarium visit since we haven't been in awhile, we shall see!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and has a great week!!


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