Thursday, March 19, 2015

Let's go for a ride

So this past weekend when Dave and I went to my Grammy and Aunt Susans house I got a bike! My aunt has had cancer for over a year and had just bought herself a bike before everything happened and could no longer ride it so she gave it to me. I have wanted a bike for awhile but holy cow have you ever priced them? Expensive! I am so thankful to her that she gave me her bike, I will definitely get her moneys worth and will ride it alot. The only downfall, I have to carry it up and down the stairs. Small price to pay! 
Here she is in all her glory, cute and comfy! 
First bikeride in forever selfie lol
This guy was so excited because we got to take a bikeride around the neighborhood. Dave and Alayna went to the store so we ventured out for almost an hour. He said my aunt was awesome for giving me a bike and he wanted daddy to get a bike now so we can all ride bikes together. 
We stopped and looked for alligators and turtles. Unfortunately no gator but tons of turtles and birds. Love his crazy hair in this pic haha
We also stopped for some playing at the park. It started to get a little chilly and you can see he has no jacket or long pants so it was time to head home. 

We got back and had dinner with Dave and Alayna who picked us all up Chickfila yumm! Then we went out to feed some old bread to the ducks, they played some then they headed home. 

I had a good afternoon hanging with the kids and Dave!  It is cool to see our relationship building. I will never try to be a "mom" to them but I always hope that they look up to me and me be a good role model for them! 

<3 Sara

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