Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Fun afternoon

This afternoon when I got home Dave already had the kids and I was chatting with Krystal. We decided to head over to see her and Oliver for a little bit. 
Shades on and the windows down, another beautiful afternoon. Alayna was so excited to wear her dress. She has been begging me lately to wear it but it's been way too cold. Well today was her lucky dress wearing day! 
We got there and put Oliver in his stroller and took him for his first ride in it. Kaya got to go for a walk too since I pushed the stroller. I think he really liked it and only fussed towards the end but he was hungry. 
We explored the pool which was freezing then went over to their playground. The kids loved the park, they pretty much always love exploring new parks! 
Krystal and I headed back to the apartment while Dave and the kids played. I enjoyed getting to spend time with my sister and nephew, love them! When we were leaving Alayna asked Krystal if she can come back next time, she loved the park and getting to see the baby. We will definitely be going to their pool in the summer, it looked awesome!! 

Great end to my day! Love my peeps!! 

<3 Sara

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