Wednesday, March 18, 2015

St. Patricks day

This St. Patricks day was not festive at all for me except the fact that I wore a green shirt that said "100% Irish today" to work.  I worked all day and was not feeling the gym so I headed home and took the dog for a walk. It was pretty warm out which meant I saw my first gator of the year. I knew this pond down the street would eventually have gators and I finally saw one. He was quite small but i'm sure he will get bigger and he probably has friends. Therefore I will keep my eyes peeled everytime I walk the dog by this area. 
Ever since my last apartment had 2 gators I am super cautious because I swear one time while walking Kodie they were swimming over to eat him. I am paranoid now!! Yeah you can think i'm crazy haha 
There were tons of turtles too!! 
We walked a little over a mile which wasn't too bad. Teddy was panting and slowed down a bit then plopped on the cold tile floor when we got home since it was a little bit on the warm side. I am thinking he may only get short walks once summer comes back in full force. 

After my walk I hung out and watched tv by myself for a bit Dave came home then shortly after mom, Krystal and Oliver came over. I loved having them over to the apartment. Mom had visited once before but this was Krystal and Olivers firsr visit. I ordered pizza for dinner then mom left and Krystal and I watched Southern Charm and Keeping up with the Kardashians (no judgement please lol)
Sweet baby snuggled with his nini. 
Then snuggled with Dave before he left us to play video games! 
I love this kid, I can't wait until he is older and we can go play and take him places! 
Gangsta baby! Haha 

Oliver was a good boy while we watched our reality tv and I of course loved my baby snuggles and sister time. She doesn't live too far from me so she will have to come visit more often especially to swim in the summer. 
Look at that cool baby with his shades on! 

I definitely enjoyed my family time and I know Dave enjoyed his few hours
Of video games without me asking when he will be done haha he will probably ask Krystal  to come over more often haha 

Happy Wednesday, the week is half over!! Woop woop!! 

<3 Sara 

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