Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunday Funday

Oh daylights savings time, you are not my friend. Ok I semi lie because I like the sunshining longer when I get home from work but that initial Sunday where it changes is just rough. 

This morning I stepped out another comfort zone and had my first day of volunteering at church. I committed to our First Impressions team which has so many roles on Sunday mornings. Today I started out with handing out bulletins and greeting people as they came into the church. It was super easy but I felt really good about doing it. Ashley and Mike started serving today which I think is fun for us to be serving on the same team even if we are in different areas. It is fun to grow together and meet new people at the church. Dave will be serving with the security team and his first Sunday will be the last Sunday of the month. I think he will really enjoy it, right up his ally. 
 After church we headed over to Smoky Oak to meet Shannon, Lola and Izzy for some lunch. I have not been to Smoky Oak in at least a year and it was so yummy. I love that place and sitting on the patio only if I am in the sun though. Oh and kids eat free on Sunday so that was a definite perk!
 We both enjoyed a yummy mimosa with our lunch 

 I think this picture of Dave and the kids is super cute!

 We went over to Sunrise park to look for some she shells as the kids say haha it was so nice it made me wish I had a chair to sit down and just enjoy the beach. We only stayed out there for a little bit because Lola and Izzy had cheerleading/dance to get to. 

 After some fun at the beach we went to mom and dads to hang out for a bit. Oliver was wide awake the entire time which was great. He normally sleeps the whole time which is fine but he is more fun awake. 
 These 2 kids love them some Oliver, they both wanted to hold him so I let them before Grammy, Aunt Susan and Aunt Theresa got there because I knew Grammy would want to hold him. 

 Aunt Theresa took the kids outside to throw around the football, they REALLY enjoyed that!!

 Oliver got to go outside for a little bit too, he loved looking around especially up at the trees. 
 We headed home so I could workout and Dave could take Logan to spend the $25 my mom gave him in a card last night for his birthday. I did almost 2 miles outside with Teddy because it was much too nice to be inside on a treadmill. Look at that picture above, I saw that on someones fence, can we say weird and so random!! 
Logan got 2 games and some candy at the base exchange which was awesome!! Now they are eating some pizza and their mommy will be here soon. Then I am relaxing watching some tv the rest of the evening.

This weekend was pretty busy but it was SO fun and I loved every moment of it.


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