Friday, March 6, 2015


Thank God it's friday woohoo!!!! The last 2 mornings I have been woken up at 5 so I am very much looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow even if it's only until 7 or 8. Today was a long day I got to work at 6 and stayed until 4 because of a meeting we had. 

I got off work then headed to Target to get some stuff we needed for everyday stuff and Logans birthday. I still need to wrap his gifts, someone want to come do it for me?? No? Ok fine haha 

So anyway Dave and the kids got home a little bit after I did. I walked Teddy then Dave and the kids decided to go to a park near us so teddy and I walked that way. We hung out with them for about 20 mins but I was cooooold so we headed home while they played. I needed gloves and a hat if I was going to stay and I didn't have them so off to house we went. 

We definitely enjoyed our play time. We had dinner and now we are all hanging out until bedtime. My bedtime may be super early tonight since I am so beat! 

Tomorrow will be a lot of fun, we are having logans bday party and hanging out with our friends! 

Hope everyones friday was great! 

<3 Sara

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