Sunday, March 1, 2015

Go Stingrays!

Saturday was so fun if I do say so myself! 

Dave woke up at 6:45 to head to a concealed weapons class which was supposed to last until 4:30. However since he is active duty and has had certain training he only had to stay until noon. I was excited because he could spend the rest of the day with me. 

Around 1 we arrived downtown to the Citadel basketball game to watch Lola and Isabelle cheer during half time. They looked so cute and they did really well. 

Shannon, Dave and myself up top and me and mommy down below. We were all there to cheer them on! Theresa, David and grammy were there too but they had different seats. 

The cheerleaders doing their thing! 
She looks older than 8 right?? She's growing up wayyyyy too fast. 
These 2 are so silly together! 

We got our picture with the Citadel Bulldog!! 

We headed over to mom and dads to spend time with the family. I of course got some super sweet Oliver snuggles. 

Dave got some beagle snuggles haha he was passed out and she climbed up there and went to bed. 

We headed out to Target before going home to get a few things including Logans birthday gifts! I think he is going to love them!! 

We watched more Breaking Bad then passed out! I swear we never stay up past 10:30 anymore haha we are old I guess plus we had to get up early for church. 

<3 Sara

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