Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Is it summer yet?

Sunday was finally a warm day even though it was cloudy it made me want warm summer days so badly. We did enjoy the warmth though with some time outside. 
First up was a workout for me then breakfast. Instead of church at 10:15 we went with the Newmans to the 11:45 service because there was a Newcomers lunch right after. I am not a newcomer but Dave, Mike and Ashley still kind of are and had never attended the lunch. Pastor Chris told me I could come because I had invited them :) 
So let's talk about the food for a second. They had amazing fried chicken, Mrs. Janets AMAZING mac n cheese, coleslaw, and rolls. Seriously my taste buds were in heaven! Then they came around bringing us little things of ice cream from Baskin Robbins. Yeah my eating better went out the window and I will say that meal was worth it. Haha 
After we ate he had people from different areas stand up and tell us about what they do in the church. Dave was interested in security and I signed up for more info on first impressions (greeting people, directing them to areas etc). We enjoyed our lunch with the Newmans. I love having friends at church it reminds me of back in the day when my parents had a ton of friends at church and we knew everyone. It is not like that now but it can be one day! 
How cute are they! Alayna loves her some Jesse! 
We headed to my sisters house so Dave could help my dad gut my sisters room because he will be re-doing it for her this week. While they did all that the kids and I headed to the backyard for trampoline fun!! They LOVED the trampoline and stayed there until almost time to  leave. Unfortunately the last 5 mins were not great since somebody jumped off the trampoline WWE style onto their sister. Lol BOYS! Luckily they were both fine minus losing gaming privledges which is the only real punishment to him that means anything. 

When we got home Alayna wasn't done playing so her and I walked over to the little park area at the apartment. She had fun for a good 15minutes but there were a lot of crazy kids playing and it was making me nervous.  
So we walked around and decided to see how cold the pool is. Her face will tell you it was COLD! I had no plan to put my feet in but she insisted so I did. 
We headed back home, hung out, had dinner then Dave took them to their mom. We had a pretty good weekend with them. Next time they are here we will be doing a little birthday celebration for Logan. I think he will enjoy it, I know the cake will be awesome, there will be pizza and a few friends! :) what more do you need? We are hoping the weather is nice so they can all go out and play but if not the apartment has plenty of toys! 

Speaking of weather, it's tuesday and wr had a delayed entry to work (10am) because of "freezing" rain which I donmt think has even showed up yet. That's ok I enjoyed waking up later, taking my time getting ready and grabbing chikfila for breakfast! 

Hopefully the rest of the week won't be so gloomy but we shall see! I want some sunshine! 

<3 Sara

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