Thursday, February 5, 2015

Sunday post on a thursday

Yup I am slacking this week. And speaking of the week where has it gone?? No I am not complaining but I feel like yesterday was Monday and bam it's thursday! So now that you think i'm crazy here was my Sunday!

I just liked this quote Sunday morning. My life is not perfect but I do try to see the blessings even in the bad stuff. 

So I woke up early Sunday and went to church. Dave was sleep deprived apparently and slept until 11. Lucky for him I have my peeps at church so I don't have to sit alone. I sat with my sis and felt so bad I didn't save seats for ash and mike bc I didn't know for sure if they were coming. #friendfail lol but I still got to see them and chat so that was still a good thing! I'll save seats from now on just in case lol 
Pastor Chris doing what he does best, preaching! I love my church I really do and it makes me so happy to see how many people are there each week. I have gone to this church since I was a kid and to say things have changed is an understatement! It's awesome, God is amazing and doing major work here! 

So I headed back to the apt and we went to the weapon station to the uniform shop again then to Kirklands. Can I just say I LOVE this store!! I had a $10 reward, military discount and the spin it to win it app which I saved $10 on a $50 purchase! So we got 4 awesome pillows for the couch and a few other decorative items like 2 pictures to hang in the kids room. Their walls are bare but when a boy and girl share a room it's hard to find gender neutral kid stuff to decorate with. 

I decided a walk was needed since the gym was not happening. I was getting ready and decided to take a selfie because my hair looked so good. I seriously am loving the blonde but don't want all over blonde. 
I was also feeling skinny, I love how I have been feeling lately. I really think the juice plus and trying to be even more active (walks with Teddy and the gym) is helping me. I am not great with my food even though I do try. I can thank my dad and Papa for my sweet tooth haha :)
so I took Teddy on a walk we added a little bit to it and we ended up walking 1.68 miles. I am pretty sure he has been thoroughly enjoying these walks especially when he is in the crate all day. Benefits him and me! 

We ended the night with some taco rice (beef, salsa, rice, cheese and greek yogurt) with our friend Warren while watching Lost. The boys went to cookout to pick up milkshakes (told you I have a sweet tooth, it's baaaaaaad) then they found a 42" tv for $150 so they came back for 2 seconds, grabbed my car and went to pick it up. Warren just moved here so he basically has to buy everything. 
Poor Teddy hated they left and watched out the window for a few minutes. He likes me for sure but he LOVES the boys!! 

Monday I was in the gym again! :) 
It has been a pretty uneventful week. Yesterday I had plans to go to JI before small group but a killer headache changed my plans. I pretty much layed around all night long while the kids were here. We did pick out Logans bday cake and told him we will do a little party. He was excited too bad he has to wait a month. 

So yeah that's my sunday and week in a Nutshell. Hope you all are having a great week!! 

<3 Sara

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