Wednesday, February 18, 2015

1 year

This past sunday marked 1 official year of Dave and I dating. We had been talking longer but due to personal stuff on his end we waited awhile. 
Here are a few pictures taken over the year that I just love. The one in the middle  is our very first picture together which of course I love. This year has been full of ups and downs and things that tried to tear us apart but we are stronger than ever and I truly don't want to spend my life with anyone else. I won't make this post sappy but he really is amazing to me and I never knew a guy could treat me this great. Obviously I dated a good bit of not so great guys before and I was so over dating but he pursued me and I am so glad he did. 
So about our day. We woke up late so we finished Lost and I got in a workout. We got ready then headed to get some Kicken Chicken-one of our faves. 

I was a happy girl, margaritas on the rocks with salt. Yum!! 
He was looking so serious watching something on the tv! It was probably sports, I have no clue. 
We ate YUMMY food, they made my tenders extra saucey which made me happy. I hate when they don't put enough wing sauce on. 

We headed to my parents house after that to pick up pictures and hang out for a bit. Dave ended up helping mom perform surgery to her Imac, glad he is so willing to help. He loves my family and that is huge for me. 

The puppies, well 2 of them, Kodie and baby Chase! 
So while they were doing surgery I went through my closet. 2 huge bags for Goodwill later I felt pretty good. I also brought a bunch home too. There's still summer clothes and some I don't fit back into yet at the house. 

We headed home after a few hours and saw this pretty sunset happening. It was a pretty pink by the time we got home but I didn't get a picture. 
We put together our new picture collage and hung out the rest of the evening. 

Such a great day with my boy, I am so lucky to have had a great guy find me and not give up on me!! Love you boy!! 

<3 Sara

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Laura LeaMond said...

Happy first anniversary to y'all! I love kick chick!