Saturday, February 7, 2015

Family time for the win

I don't know why but friday was just not my day. I woke up around 4:45am and could not fall back asleep which super stinks. Work was mostly boring which doesn't help when you are super sleepy. Anywho I got in a workout when work was over then decided to head to James Island to see my family. It was much needed and definitely turned my day around for the better. 
 Seeing this sweet little guy can never be a bad thing :)
 my little Kodie boy, I wish he could live with me but right now in the apartment it is just not really possible. I mean it is but I feel like it wouldn't be fair to him. 
 My Aunt Christine, cousin Amanda and her baby Adriana came over too which was fun. The babies got to "meet" for the first time. 
 The grandmothers holding eachothers grandbabies! 
 How cute are those sleeping babies!!

 This little face, gah I just love him!

 Moe and Kodie boy chillen in their beds looking cute.
It was nice to just chill for a bit with the family. Family time is good for the soul my soul at least :) I left around 7:30 and talked to my aunt Susan on the way home. It was nice to just chat with her for a little bit. I need to go see her soon, it has been like 2 weeks I think since I saw her.

 I got home and Dave had the kids here so we all chilled for a little bit before they went to bed. We watched Lost then passed out by 10:30. I was so exhausted and slept until about 7:30 I think, much needed sleep!!

So far our Saturday has been pretty chill. We had breakfast, I got in a workout this morning then Dave and the kids headed to the AFB while I went to Target. I had to get some groceries and some valentines gifts. Then I headed to Babies R Us to get Oliver a wubbanub, I thought they would have a big variety and they only had a frog and a duck. I went with the frog, it was much cuter! I am thinking to get the super cute ones I saw online they probably have to be purchased online. so lame.

We are heading to the Newmans house soon to have a fun evening with friends. The kids have been asking all day when they get to go to Jesses house lol they love Jesse!!

Happy Saturday everyone, enjoy your weekend!!


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