Sunday, February 22, 2015

Some Saturday fun

 This picture is from Friday but I liked it, the boys eating their ice cream :)

Saturday morning I woke up at 6:45.... yeah I guess I am an adult now because I seriously wake up early most days. It is rare for me to actually sleep past 8 besides last Sunday when it was like 9.  I played on my phone then the kids were up and I decided to be nice to Dave and let him sleep until 9. So I got them breakfast and we hung out for a bit, I even painted Alaynas nails which she loved. I also may have bribed her that if she ate her breakfast she could wear her halloween costume. It worked! haha
 One thing about Alayna which I think is funny is how often this chick says my name. I probably heard her say Sara or Hey Sara a good thousand times lol 
 Once Dave woke up I took Teddy on a walk, *see below* I was just not in the mood for the gym but definitely didn't want to just not do anything. It was better than nothing that is for sure and Teddy loves getting to go for those long walks. You know he gets to see other people, dogs and pee on everything in sight. haha
 After I cooked us lunch Dave and the kids headed to a park and I headed to James Island to hang with the fam. I ended up getting into a James Bond movie with dad before everyone and I mean everyone came over. haha there was a house full of people. Krystal and Oliver came over so we got some time with them. Then Dave and the kids showed up, THEN my Aunt Christine, cousins Kimberly and Amanda, Amandas baby Adriana. THEN my Aunt Theresa, Aunt Susan and grammy got there. Yeah I told you I meant everyone, ok not EVERYONE but yeah a good bit of the family. It was really nice to be with them all for a few hours. We got some quality family time in. 

 This little girl was loving her some baby time. She held both babies and kept asking to hold them again. She was in love, of course I don't blame her because I definitely am too. 

 I love this picture minus her finger in her ear. Pretty sure she may have an ear infection now because she has been messing with it all day today (sunday). Future cousins watching some tv with my dad. 

 Theresa's first time holding Mr. Oliver. Then after she held him she told Alayna that she is the best babysitter because if she babysits and you want cookies for dinner she would let you have them haha she's not kidding either. Theresa is one of those people who is pretty much ok or down for anything :) 
 Loving on Adriana
 I am sure Kodie is thinking what on earth does this kid have in my face, go away! haha

 We hung out for a few hours then headed home for baths and dinner. I ordered pizza because I was so not in the mood to cook. I am pretty sure Dave and the kids didn't mind, they love them some pizza. 
 This was the sky on my way home it was SO pretty. 
This is out of order but while we were at my parents house Dave and Alayna went outside to blow bubbles. Everytime she comes to my parents house she wants to blow bubbles and mom always has some there. They really enjoyed some quality father daughter time. 

I would say our saturday was pretty darn good and ended it with some Breaking Bad (our new addiction) then off to bed. We always stay pretty busy when the kids are here which I don't mind but man I am TIRED. haha I just always want them to have a good time so we make it a point for that to happen.  Oh and I asked Logan what his favorite part of the day was and he said the babies. It wasn't just her that loved them he did too. He thought they were just so cute and kept going over to them to look at them. 

The kids just left and Logan gave me a hug, how cute. Seriously a year ago he wouldn't even talk to me haha now we are buddies. 

Hope yall had a great weekend. I will blog about our Sunday later!! 


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