Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentines Day

Valentines this year was definitely special for me. Dave gave me my flowers and chocolates on Friday night because hey why try to hide it just to wait until Saturday. He got me really pretty flowers then we went to Kirklands and Old Navy for some shopping. He spent some money on us and our apartment. We are obsessed with Kirklands thankfully they have their spin it to win it, military discount and their rewards. Anywho we headed home to chill because I didn't feel my best that day and was definitely lacking in energy.  

Saturday we woke up luckily I was feeling better so I  headed to the gym to make sure I burned some calories since I knew this weekend would have lots of yummy food involved. I was right too because I  definitely didn't eat great this weekend with all this chocolate around :) 
 I went to Pinterest to find some cute Valentines graffic and loved this one lol it isn't really valentines but it's lovey and cute
 This was what I got Dave, He wanted this picture awhile ago and of course Kirklands for the win, I found it in the sale rack then had all my discounts so it was really cheap. He was really excited! 

 So yeah like I said I got my workout in and then I was lazy and watched The Notebook for a few hours. He took Teddy to get groomed then went grocery shopping. We had a late lunch then headed to James Island to see the fam. We went by my Grammy and Aunt Susans house to see them for a little bit. My sister and the girls were already there so I am sure all of us visiting was nice.

Then we went over to mom and dads to hang out for awhile. Krystal and Oliver were there so I got some nephew snuggles too. That is never a bad thing. 

 We hung out for a few hours then headed home and grabbed some Zaxbys on the way. I got a zalad and he got the honey bbq boneless wings, his was WAY yummier than mine. After we had dinner he went back out to Walmart then came home with this cute little monkey for me, yes I am 28 and still love these cute stuffed animals. 

 My sister took this picture of Oliver earlier in the day and I added the love to it. Isn't he just the sweetest?? I love this little guy!
My friend Chelsea just started selling Jamberry and I got my first order in the mail so I had to try it. I am still not great at application of them but they are still awesome. I think growing out my nails a bit would help them look even better. I got a few designs and I can't wait to try them all out. It may become a new addiction but hey at least I would be helping out my friend :)

Valentines was a great day spent with the people I love and there is nothing better than that. I hope you all had a great day full of love too!! 


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