Sunday, February 8, 2015

Saturday with the Newmans

Yesterday afternoon/evening we went over to the creek to see our friends the Newmans. We had planned to have dinner, play and enjoy some dessert. I was in charge of dessert. SOOOO I made the cake below, YUM! We did Brats on the grill and some corn before the cake. 

 Dave, Jesse, Alayna and Logan played soccer in the backyard for a little bit before dinner was ready. It wasn't too cold outside so it was nice to get some outside time without FREEZING.

 After dinner Mr. Newman (Mike) brought out Dance Dance Revolution for the playstation. Let me just say I had not played this in um maybe 10 years. I am pretty sure our group of friends started doing this my senior year of high school and probably a good year after that. We would all get together, eat a bunch of random food, drink some and play DDR. Yeah I guess I just told on myself for underage drinking. lol Don't worry wherever we were we all stayed the night. Most of the time it was at Mikes apartment so we all crashed on the couches or floor. 

 I love how Ashley and I were laughing and then another picture we look serious! I was concentrating SO hard because I won't lie, it is HARD. You have to follow the arrows and some of them just don't flow or maybe my legs/brain just can't keep up. 

 Best friends with a little bit of red on our faces after having some fun!! I have said it again and again but I love having them as friends. We can 100% be ourselves there's no show or whatever. It is genuine! 
 This picture is too cute, Jesse went up to Dave and asked if Alayna could be his girlfriend. I guess he likes older women (7 months older). 

We had a BLAST with our friends!! We were all wiped out when we got home and pretty sure we all went to bed pretty soon after getting home! 

Today we went to church and been chilling at home the rest of the day. We may go do something but who knows, I am feeling lazy! lol what's new with that!! 

Happy Sunday!!


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