Thursday, February 19, 2015

Getting pinned

So remember when Dave left me for a week to go to Virginia? Well when he was there he earned his warfare pin from SPAWAR, This past tuesday he officially got pinned by the Captain at the award ceremony. I almost didn't get to go but so glad I did. A couple of people in my group got awards also so I got to see them get theirs. 
The Captain (next to him above) said really great things about him before she pinned him. Basically she said anytime they needed anything they could count on him to get it done and always have a smile on his face. I will say one thing about him, 99% of the time he really is happy. He has a very positive outlook on life even when things get rough. 
That is one happy guy right there!!! 
Our Executive Director, Dave and the Captain. 
Getting pinned! 
So proud of him and glad I was able to help him study some and be supportive of him. According to my aunt the people who have support at home with these tests are the ones that normally achieve great results. She does testing for the Coast Guard so she knows what she's talking about. 

We decided since the day was special we would go out to dinner. I had also got an award (on the spot award) for working on a project back in November. He said we were celebrating both of our accomplishments. 

Red Lobster is his favorite place and neither of us had been in years. I'm not sure if I just never paid attention before or not but holy expensive!! The food was good but dang, we probably won't be going back anytime soon. 
Our food was VERY good so it wasn't totally a waste :) those shrimp tacos were heavenly and slightly spicy. 
And of course we ended the date with a selfie, because why not! 

I am so proud of both of us for always working so hard and always doing our best. It doesn't hurt the resume to add awards/accomplishments :) 

<3 Sara

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