Monday, June 30, 2014

Weekend with Dave

This past weekend was simply great in a very chill way. Now let me say I love spending time with his kids they are great but this past weekend was so quiet and nice. He has had them pretty much every weekend this past month and we had so much fun but it was so time for a quiet chill weekend. Well besides Lolas birthday craziness :) 

Saturday morning he had a volunteer thing for the Navy ball and I went to the gym. We met up later and had some lunch at Obrions on JI. I haven't been there in awhile and it was Daves first time there. He really liked it and as always I enjoyed it. We both got a $2 beer (winning) and we had a delicious burger while enjoying chatting and watching soccer. 

After lunch this boy passed OUT and my sister took a picture!! She is too funny and he definitely got a kick out of it. 
The rest of saturday was spent with the birthday festivities!

Sunday we woke up late so unfortunately no church BUT he got the marvelous idea to go to IHOP. The last time I was there was a good 2 years ago and it was just as yummy as I remember. He had french toast and I had pancakes. Holy cow we were SOOOO full! We were not even remotely hungry again until dinner time. 

We went to the pool after I worked out and got to spend maybe an hr before the rain came. I am sick of rain ruining my pool time but oh well! We spent the rest of Sunday being super duper lazy watching movies. 
I also must put on here sunday night he made homemade chicken tenders which were delicious! Luckily we both know a little in the kitchen and sometimes experiment with random ideas! It works for us! 

Good weekend for sure and next is 4th of July weekend which will be great as long as the tropical storm doesn't ruin it. We shall see! 

<3 Sara

Lola Marie turns 8

This past saturday my niece Lola turned 8!!! I can remember waiting in the hospital until after midnight for her to be born so it is crazy to think she is already 8. Time keeps flying it's crazy! 
For her birthday party she wanted to go to Sky Zone which sounded so fun. Let's just say they were booked and only the kids got to jump because my sister called ahead for them the day before. The adults were a bit disappointed because we wanted to jump to. At least the kids could because that would have just been bad. I think I may go back in the middle of the week when school is back in then it may not be crowded. 

The kids had a blast jumping for 30 minutes. I wasn't sure if that would be enough time but they were all sweaty and seemed out of breath. 30 was just fine! 

Izzy and I left everyone and had a sweet treat. I had a mango smoothie and she had a rocket pop! 

We went back to their house to enjoy more party fun. We ate pizza, watched birthday dances, a fashion show, opened her gifts and enjoyed a VERY yummy cookie cake! Seriously cookie cake is my favorite! 

She had a great birthday with some of her family and her friends! Such a lucky blessed girl she is! 

To many more birthdays! 

<3 Sara

Friday, June 27, 2014


This morning on my way to work when I got on the bridge I look to my right like I do every morning and see a beautiful sunrise over the Charleston Harbor. I do this every morning and almost every morning the beauty is unreal. Just like anything beautiful a picture hardly ever does it justice. 
One thing most people know about me is that I love a beautiful sky to look at. Even if it is the middle of the day and the clouds just look beautiful with rays shining behind them. 
I thank God literally everytime he paints a beautiful picture for me to see. I am very lucky to be able to drive into work and see such beauty. 
I also love how even if they are similar they are never ever the same. 
The Lord has blessed us with a new day and we are to live it in a way that pleases him. Are we perfect? Nope. Do we sin? Yep. Guess what, He loves us no matter what. 

I love these pictures and there are so many more on my phone but I figured I would just post some of my recent ones. I hope you enjoyed them as much as I do. 

Now go enjoy this day and make sure to live it to the fullest! 

<3 Sara

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Stormy sunday

I really enjoy sundays besides the fact that it's the end of the weekend. Sad times but a good day! I am not ready for Monday! Anyway, woke up, had some breakfast and headed to church. 
Church was really good as always and his kids really love church which I think is just awesome. I have alot of great memories involving church as a kid and teen. I loved youth group so I hope one day they will get to do that. 

Alayna and I fed some bread to the duckies and took a walk around the lake to the park. It was very overcast but SO hot!! 
We saw some very pretty roses and hibiscus flowers. She wanted to pick them but I convinced her to leave them. 

We finally headed to the pool after awhile. 

THEN a storm came :( boo!! We maybe got to enjoy the pool for 30 minutes but hey better than nothing, right?

Alayna passed OUT, Logan played video games and we watched a movie about Seal team 6 on Netflix. That movie was great you should watch it! 
I did get in a workout after the movie thank goodness! I motivated myself and made it happen and felt great. I couldn't go for 2 days because of that spider bite so it was nice to get it in today. 

Ended the day having dinner with the fam and some tv! I am so sleepy so I know I will sleep amazing tonight. Another great weekend in the books! 

It's been awhile

Saturday morning started off with a 1 hr massage with Amber (Amber Dawn Cosmetics) which I haven't had in quite awhile. It was great and we chatted the whole hour but that's because we are friends. I am sure she doesn't chat as much during other massages! I always love just catching up and talking about all the random stuff. 

Around noon I headed to Daves to go swimming. The pool finally opened back up after well over a week of being closed. Although we had not been in weeks because of weather as well. It was nice to just chill by the pool. Shannon and Izzy came up and enjoyed the day with us. 

After the pool we were all ready to chill but we needed some stuff and ventured to walmart in the rain. 
How pretty was the sky after the storm was over?!?!? I LOVED it! 

I cooked us all chicken, green beans with mac n cheese and it was quite tasty! 

Kids went to bed early and passed out from all the sun and I definitely could relate to the sleepiness. I love being in the sun but dang sometimes it wears me OUT!! 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Spider bite

Let's talk for a second about what I have been dealing with since wed night. I went with my sister and the girls to TCBY and noticed this is what showed up on my leg. Thought it was weird but didn't think TOO much of it honestly. 
However Thursday morning I woke up to a much bigger red spot. 
I ended up going to Nason on James Island and they said it was definitely a bite. Gave me a steroid (prednizone) and extra strength cortizone cream. 
Last night it looked even bigger but luckily today it is no worse than yesterday. I did some googling and it definitely was a poisonous spider that bit me but thankfully I went to the Dr. Early enough to keep it from getting real bad. Word to the wise do NOT google spider bites. EVER! The images are enough to make you not eat for an entire day OR freak you out if you currently have one on your leg. Just sayin!! 

Here's to hoping it gets better so I can enjoy my weekend! 

<3 Sara

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


This is going to be a very random post mainly because I am bored. 
Sunday night Dave and I had some tcby to end our day which was delicious. I was pretty plain and got white chocolate mouse with andes mints and he got a bit of everything it seemed. Alot of people like to mix all the flavors and toppings but I just can't do it for some reason. 
We saw a pretty sunset while we enjoyed our ice cream. 

Monday I didn't feel great which sucked but Dave and I ended up making a last minute decision for a movie since I was feeling a little bit better. We went to the 7:15 showing of Maleficent and it was amazing! I think Angelina Jolie did an amazing job and I personally loved the movie. I don't think I ever saw sleeping beauty as a kid so I really didn't know the story line going into it. 
Tuesday morning I felt terrible when I woke up, go figure! So I ended up staying home and luckily by late morning I felt so much better. I think I felt so bad mainly because I had to take medicine monday night and it wasn't helping. 
So I did end up doing lunch with Dave, went for a light workout, then did nothing until 4 when Izzy showed up to hang out until mommy showed up. 
This girl is nuts but seriously I wouldn't have it any other way! Love her silly self. 

I hung out with Dave last night and we watched World War Z which is basically a crazy zombie movie! Seriously I hope this stuff NEVER happens! All because of a virus, yikes! There were a few scenes that made me so anxious I had to look away! 

So thats the end of my randomness because I again don't feel great so laying on the couch bored since there is nothing on tv! Sorry you wasted a few minutes of your life reading this haha love yall! 

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sprinkler time

Like I said in my previous post today is Fathers day so we all started the day at church. It was a great Service and I am so glad Dave was there to hear it. I definitely got something out of it as well but it was geared towards men especially fathers and it was so good. I definitely want to start attending church again regularly. It is so easy to stay in bed and be lazy but when I go to church I feel so much better and I almost always feel encouraged when I leave. It is worth not being lazy and getting my butt up for church. Plus going to a 10:15 service isn't exactly super early so it helps. 

After church we had some lunch and planned to go to the pool but the pool was closed. So we headed to Wannamaker County Park which is right up the road and went to the sprinkler. It only cost $4 to get into the park and it was money well spent. 

 After the sprinkler we walked over to the park to check it out since we had never been before. It was a pretty decent one, we all had fun! 

I am not really ready for another work week BUT I have a massage on saturday morning to look forward to so I guess getting the week over is a must :)