Monday, June 9, 2014

Sea Turtle Rescue

Sunday was definitely a fun day! I woke up early and headed to church with Dave and his kiddos. We met up with my sister and her kiddos there too. After church we all headed to Andolinis for a yummy pizza lunch and yummy it definitely was. 
 The kids insisted that they sit seperately from us, is this really happening already? They are too young for all that jazz.
 And the calzone Dave ordered was probably the size of my body haha we definitely didn't realize they would be that large. He said it was delicious though so I guess it was worth it. 

After lunch we headed downtown to the Aquarium because unfortunately the weather was not good enough to do anything outside. The whole weekend was like that pretty much, just rainy and blah. However, since we have memberships to the aquarium it is the perfect thing to do on a rainy day. 

 The albino alligator was much more active than I have ever seen him. We were very excited and intrigued by him. 

 So one thing I have wanted to do for SO long was visit the Sea Turtle Hospital because I love sea turtles and figured it would be awesome. I paid for us all to go so we could all see what they do down there. It was so interesting and we all learned so much. It was sad though because we saw a turtle that had been there less than 24 hours and was very sick. I hope that poor guy survives. They also told us about one sea turtle that came in and had so much plastic in his stomach he almost died. I had no idea but they eat jelly fish and a plastic bag floating in the water can be mistaken for a jelly fish. So people please keep your trash with you until you can find a trash can. Not just for the sea turtles but I am sure all the animals and the earth in general would appreciate your trash in a trash can where it belongs.

 I was kind of surprised that the kids loved it so much as well. They had so many turtles, a shark, and some stingrays for us to look at too. Oh and another thing I learned is that the turtles actually have to come up for air to breathe BUT they can hold their breath for hours. Fun facts, see adults can learn too :)

Next Saturday we are all headed to the zoo!! That should be fun, I have not been there in years so I will be excited to see if anything is different and get to see the kids excitement. I was also told theres some amazing ice cream located there so you know we might have to do that too :)

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