Monday, June 30, 2014

Lola Marie turns 8

This past saturday my niece Lola turned 8!!! I can remember waiting in the hospital until after midnight for her to be born so it is crazy to think she is already 8. Time keeps flying it's crazy! 
For her birthday party she wanted to go to Sky Zone which sounded so fun. Let's just say they were booked and only the kids got to jump because my sister called ahead for them the day before. The adults were a bit disappointed because we wanted to jump to. At least the kids could because that would have just been bad. I think I may go back in the middle of the week when school is back in then it may not be crowded. 

The kids had a blast jumping for 30 minutes. I wasn't sure if that would be enough time but they were all sweaty and seemed out of breath. 30 was just fine! 

Izzy and I left everyone and had a sweet treat. I had a mango smoothie and she had a rocket pop! 

We went back to their house to enjoy more party fun. We ate pizza, watched birthday dances, a fashion show, opened her gifts and enjoyed a VERY yummy cookie cake! Seriously cookie cake is my favorite! 

She had a great birthday with some of her family and her friends! Such a lucky blessed girl she is! 

To many more birthdays! 

<3 Sara

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