Sunday, June 22, 2014

It's been awhile

Saturday morning started off with a 1 hr massage with Amber (Amber Dawn Cosmetics) which I haven't had in quite awhile. It was great and we chatted the whole hour but that's because we are friends. I am sure she doesn't chat as much during other massages! I always love just catching up and talking about all the random stuff. 

Around noon I headed to Daves to go swimming. The pool finally opened back up after well over a week of being closed. Although we had not been in weeks because of weather as well. It was nice to just chill by the pool. Shannon and Izzy came up and enjoyed the day with us. 

After the pool we were all ready to chill but we needed some stuff and ventured to walmart in the rain. 
How pretty was the sky after the storm was over?!?!? I LOVED it! 

I cooked us all chicken, green beans with mac n cheese and it was quite tasty! 

Kids went to bed early and passed out from all the sun and I definitely could relate to the sleepiness. I love being in the sun but dang sometimes it wears me OUT!! 

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