Friday, June 20, 2014

Spider bite

Let's talk for a second about what I have been dealing with since wed night. I went with my sister and the girls to TCBY and noticed this is what showed up on my leg. Thought it was weird but didn't think TOO much of it honestly. 
However Thursday morning I woke up to a much bigger red spot. 
I ended up going to Nason on James Island and they said it was definitely a bite. Gave me a steroid (prednizone) and extra strength cortizone cream. 
Last night it looked even bigger but luckily today it is no worse than yesterday. I did some googling and it definitely was a poisonous spider that bit me but thankfully I went to the Dr. Early enough to keep it from getting real bad. Word to the wise do NOT google spider bites. EVER! The images are enough to make you not eat for an entire day OR freak you out if you currently have one on your leg. Just sayin!! 

Here's to hoping it gets better so I can enjoy my weekend! 

<3 Sara

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Ashley Newman said...

yikes!!! That looks scary!!!
Glad you got help quickly!!