Sunday, June 1, 2014

Darn rain

Saturday started like most, in the gym! Then Dave and I planned to go to the Yorktown at Patriots Point but mother nature said NO! 
See what I mean! 

So we went to the movies instead and saw Neighbors which was supposed to be hilarious. I will say it had quite a few funny parts but overall not amazing. It was a one time viewing for me. I did enjoy popcorn and junior mints though :) 
We chilled then went to Target to get cupcake stuff for his daughters bday cupcakes I was going to make. 

We worked on them together and I would say they turned out pretty good for people who don't decorate cupcakes often or EVER. 
I won't quit my day job, promise but it was fun attempting to decorate these last few. My hands are definitely too shakey for this stuff. 

We watched Cabin in the woods most messed up movie maybe I have ever seen and went to bed. Do not watch that movie I had the weirdest dreams thanks to it!! 

Today is sunny so it's pool time and celebrating Alayna turning 4! I also got in a great workout at his apartments gym then a walk around the little lake getting to see the geese, ducks and turtles. It is a beautiful day! 

<3 Sara

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Nicole said...

Cute cupcakes! I wouldn't be able to any of that to save my life lol I've given up on seth rogan like movies they just keep getting worse lol Glad mother nature turned around! We haven't seen rain in what seems like YEARS haha