Monday, June 30, 2014

Weekend with Dave

This past weekend was simply great in a very chill way. Now let me say I love spending time with his kids they are great but this past weekend was so quiet and nice. He has had them pretty much every weekend this past month and we had so much fun but it was so time for a quiet chill weekend. Well besides Lolas birthday craziness :) 

Saturday morning he had a volunteer thing for the Navy ball and I went to the gym. We met up later and had some lunch at Obrions on JI. I haven't been there in awhile and it was Daves first time there. He really liked it and as always I enjoyed it. We both got a $2 beer (winning) and we had a delicious burger while enjoying chatting and watching soccer. 

After lunch this boy passed OUT and my sister took a picture!! She is too funny and he definitely got a kick out of it. 
The rest of saturday was spent with the birthday festivities!

Sunday we woke up late so unfortunately no church BUT he got the marvelous idea to go to IHOP. The last time I was there was a good 2 years ago and it was just as yummy as I remember. He had french toast and I had pancakes. Holy cow we were SOOOO full! We were not even remotely hungry again until dinner time. 

We went to the pool after I worked out and got to spend maybe an hr before the rain came. I am sick of rain ruining my pool time but oh well! We spent the rest of Sunday being super duper lazy watching movies. 
I also must put on here sunday night he made homemade chicken tenders which were delicious! Luckily we both know a little in the kitchen and sometimes experiment with random ideas! It works for us! 

Good weekend for sure and next is 4th of July weekend which will be great as long as the tropical storm doesn't ruin it. We shall see! 

<3 Sara

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